Friday, January 7, 2011

Wouldn't you?

I'm sure you would!  I mean, why not?  You'd be crazy not to!  Seriously... What am I talking about?  A job offer, of course!

No, it's not for us.  Anthony is perfectly happy with his career as an insurance agent.  I'm talking about my parents.  They've been living here in Utah for the past couple years and they've run across some rough times.  Who didn't the economy hit?  It's been a rocky road, no?  Well, times are a changin'!  Get this...

My dad had an interview at the beginning of last week with a big wig from Santa Barbara, California.  They met up in Park City, Utah because the guy was coming here for vacation.  I assume he's a skiier.  He liked what my dad had to offer so he flew him out to Santa Barbara later in the week.  Dad flew home that same day.  We all felt like they would offer him a job, why would they fly him in if they weren't pretty certain? 

Sure enough, just this past Monday, the offer came in.  It's a great opportunity!  And when I say great I mean GREAT! 

The owner of the company offered to let my parents (and little bro, of course) live in a home he's had on the market there in Santa Barbara but wants to take it off for a couple of years.  Let the market pick back up and such before trying again.  Apparently he's got a few homes.  Sounds pretty good, right?  Well, get this... it's not just any ol' house.  It's a!!

NO!  I'm not joking!  Can you believe it?  Pool, hot tub, guest house, furnished, the works!  And they only have to pay minimal rent, utilities are included.  I'm pretty sure this is the only home of this magnitude that I will ever have the privilege of stepping foot inside of.... EVER!  Who has that kind of money?  Do you know what the payment on that thing would be to finance the whole thing for the standard 30 years?  $36,000/month!!  I know because I found one of those "mortgage calculators" online.  Is that nuts?  Insane!!  But I'm sure the guy probably didn't finance the whole thing, who knows!  Funniest part is that this guy is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and lives only a few houses away from this one.  They'll be in the same ward!  Snoop Dogg lives somewhere around there.  It would be fun to figure out which one is his. 

So, I'll ask again... Wouldn't you

Guess I better get planning our vacation to Santa Barbara this summer.  No need for a hotel ;)  We've got something better than a 5 star resort!  Just gotta find the money for travel expenses...

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