Monday, January 17, 2011

Raising boys

THIS is for everyone that ever told me that boys are easier than girls..... and there are a lot of you.

REALLY?!?  Are you kiddin' me?

I would beg to differ!  My girls are dramatic, yes.  Sometimes the drama at our house is enough to make me want to scream (and sometimes I do).  They are whiny and petty but I was always able to keep up with them. 

But this little devil...

 I can't keep up with to save my life!  Good heavens, the child has more energy than I've ever seen in a child, ever!  EVER!  Maybe it's just him because I've had more than one person say, "My boys were active but they were never that active."  So is it just MY boy that is harder than girls?  The pic above is of him sitting in the corner after.... THIS.... it's baby powder ALL.OVER.THE.COUCH!  (Don't judge me on the decor, it was a free couch.  Couldn't beat the price ;) 
Maybe when you told me boys were easier, you meant later like the teenage years, maybe?  Less..... somethin', I don't know what?  I won't have to exhaustedly chase him around like a cop in hot pursuit?  I have to admit, I'm scared!  His brother is already showing signs of being just as active.  HELP!

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