Thursday, January 20, 2011

other important matters

First of all, thank you to all of you that participated in my experiment.  I was just curious to see if the statistic that I read was really true.  From looking at my map, I know there were more people that visited and just didn't comment.  That's ok!  To be honest, I am more of the silent observer type myself.  There are a few blogs that I follow closely and comment regularly on but that's it, most being family/friends blogs.  I am either completely silent or pretty darn near silent on the rest of them.  A couple of them are people that are related to people that I know (make sense?) and I don't want them to know I'm following, what if they think I'm a weirdy?  Like the wife of an old friend of mine.  She doesn't know me from Adam but I know all about their cute little family through the magic of her blog.  Isn't technology wonderful?  And sometime a little creepy... 

I just know one day, there's going to be a new i-phone, or something similar but more advanced, that has an app that can read people's minds, then it will you text you their thoughts without them even knowing.  It will start out being only someone within 5 feet of you and before we know it (once it's perfected), you'll only have to say a person's name in your contacts list and it will somehow be able to contact that person's thoughts to send them to you.  Wouldn't that be creepy? 

I guess that could be good in the dating scene.  Maybe my kids will have such technology in their dating years.  They'll never have to wonder what their date thought of them. 

Should I ask her on another date?  YEP!  She is already falling for me...

Can I pretend to be washing my hair next time he calls?   NO!  You won't have to because he won't be calling.  He already knows you don't want to go out again, he read it in a text.  What a relief!

Anthony calls these kinds of thoughts Brooke-isms.  I have a lot of random questions and thoughts that run around in my head constantly.  Things such as what you were just subjected to, I'm sorry about that! 

So now, we'll move on to more important matters such as.... CHUBBY BABIES!

Don't you just looove fat babies?  This is the one I get to love on all day, every day. 
Except when I'm chasing his brother around the house like a mad woman!  Today that little stink got two showers, one with his sisters because I didn't catch him in time and a second one when he decided to to empty my HUGE bottle of lotion all.over.himself.  He certainly keeps me on my toes. 

But we're talking about the cute, fat baby ..... I could just eat him up.  Actually, Anthony is afraid the cute, giant baby is going to eat him.  Anthony's always saying, "Hey, chubby boy, don't eat me!"  Sometimes I really think he might try.  B is constantly eating something.  He's definitely worse than all the other kids as far as putting things in his mouth.  EVERYTHING goes in!  When he's playing on the floor, he'll crawl over to our feet and bite our toes.  OUCH!  Those darn baby teeth are sharp!  The kid loves food, what more is there to say?

OH!  I almost forgot... do you know what B started doing last night?  First, let me prep this by saying, here I am, the mom.  I'm home with him every single day.  We work on "words" every day, B and I.  Never have I practiced "Dada" with him.  Why?  Because "Mama" should always be first.  After all, by the time they're 18 months old, they all like Daddy better.  At least give me the satisfaction of saying "Mama" first.  But no!  Last night, he started saying "Dada".  Clear as a bell!  And all day today he's been practicing.  *Sigh*  He's still a cute, fat baby...

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