Thursday, January 13, 2011

Terrible and no good... but let's throw in some fun, too.

That's how the past few days have felt.  Hopefully things start looking up from here.  There are few things that could make things any worse... things I won't mention here for fear of jinxing myself. 

It's just a rant.  Do you ever just need to vent?  Yeah, me too!  So, this is me... venting. 

And now on to more serious - ly fun matters.  I don't do video gaming well, at all.  Unless you're talking about interactive video gaming.  THAT, I can do... pretty darn well, I might add. 

Speaking of, I still can't get blogger to upload the video of Anthony's mad dancing skills.  It's not making me happy!  What am I doing wrong?  Is there a blogger wiz out there that can help me out? 

Let me tell you about my mad skills on the Kinect.  I'm already the the champion on the Dance Central game I told you about.  94% on "Ride the Train" and 96% on "Poker Face".  Both were on the hard level.  Go me!  But we tried out the Sports game and I took Anthony on in boxing.  Guess who won!  ME!  It drove him nuts that I won by TKO so we played again and he won that time but it took him all three rounds and went to decision.  Then, the third time, I beat him down again... TKO style!  My dad thought he could take me on after that but I showed him who was boss.  He claimed it wasn't tracking him like it was supposed to.  But believe you me, it totally was. 

I would tell you about our next venture in ping-pong but I'm sure you can already guess what the outcome will be on that one.  So we can just skip it, right? 

Ok, I can not tell a lie.  I got throttled!  Same scenario, only reversed.  Anthony throttled me in the first game... 11-0.  Second game I won just barely.  Third game was his again by a long shot.  I've got to work on my ping-ponging skills.  Let me just say, I was sooooo sore the next day!  I think boxing really got those muscles working!

It's the same on the Wii.  He beats me at ping pong every time.  But don't you worry!  He still can't beat my 3-point shooting score or my wakeboarding score either.  It drives him almost to insanity trying.  He's just mad that he can't beat me on two of the games he really cares about. 

But hey, he'll probably always and forever beat me in canoe-ing.  He always says "Whoop-a-dee-doo!  Who cares about canoe-ing?"  For the life of me I can not get my stupid canoe to go straight.  No matter what I do with my paddle/remote, I always end up going in circles.  It's frustrating!  Even if I copy Anthony's every move, my paddle likes to stay on the right side and take me in circles. 

OH!  I almost forgot!  When I was about 8 months pregnant with B, we were at a friend's house and they had a Wii Sports Resort game (different than our resort game) and it had ski jumping.  You have to use the balance board for that one.  Everyone took their turn and they all did pretty well.  Then it was my turn.  Since I didn't know what I was doing and I couldn't see my feet anyway, I was pretty sure I would muff it all up and be in last place.  Guess what happened!  I got up there on the balance board, did my thing, stood on my tippy-toes and *whoosh* (that's my Mii flying through the air) and when I landed, I heard the roar of the crowd... I beat every one of them!  Pro status and all!  It was quite exhilerating.  Do you think B will grow up to be a pro skier?  Maybe?  It could happen, right? 

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