Thursday, January 6, 2011

Best Winder Farms Delivery Guy...EVER!

Remember when I talked about our Winder Farms cooler being stolen?  Can you believe it happened... again!?! 

About a month ago, we put our Winder Farms account on hold due to "insufficient funds".  Their stuff isn't the cheapest but DANG it's good, and so convenient, too!  Anyway, we decided to hold off for a while until our budget was a bit more adequate for such convenience. 

On the night of our normal delivery, as I was dreaming of... well, something I'm sure, I thought I heard the Winder Farms truck outside my house.  It was around 1:30 in the morning.  They shouldn't be here, I had put my account on hold.  They better not be here because I'm not about to pay for food when I called them just a few days before to tell them NOT to deliver.  Then, in my deleriously sleepy state, I thought somone was breaking into my house (the coolers are on the front porch).  But between Anthony's snoring and the hum of the air purifier, I was able to wake up enough to realize that I must be hearing things.  After all, the dogs weren't barking.... oh, wait!  They NEVER bark when there's something to bark at, silly me!  What was I thinking? 

By morning, I had forgotten about the whole thing, passing it off as a dream, and we went about our routine.  When Anthony left for work, he asked why there was only one cooler on the porch.  Hmmm, good question!  People don't usually just grab empty Winder Farms coolers.  That got me thinking... what was that I had heard in the middle of the night?  Maybe it was the Winder Farms truck.  I called Winder Farms to ask if there had been a delivery made and the lady assured me that my account was in fact on hold.  There should not have been a delivery made.  I hung up but was not convinced that someone would just take our empty cooler.  Then I remembered that just the week before, our delivery guy had called to make sure we wanted that delivery skipped.  He's called a couple other times before that as well.  So I backtracked on my phone records, found his phone number and gave him a call.  It was about 11:30 a.m. 

As soon as he answered I realized... DUH!  He's been out all night making deliveries.  He's probably asleep!  Whoops, too late at that point.  So I identified myself and asked him if he had dropped something into our cooler, because if he had, we didn't get it.  He had!  I love it when I'm right!  He said it was nothing much, just a little Merry Christmas delivery and he was sorry that we didn't get it. 

No big deal.  I just wanted him to know that either someone is following him or watching from somewhere.  We hung up and I felt sorry that I had woke him up.  Then, around 4:00 that afternoon, he called me back asking me to clarify the details for him because he had, in fact, been asleep.  After apologizing to him for waking him up and dispersing the details yet again, he voiced his frustrations about the thief that seems to like our coolers full of food (do you think it's the same person as the last time?-- I wonder).  Then he told me not to go to the store the following week for our normal delivery items.  He wanted to bring it to us free of charge!  What a nice guy!  I thanked him and asked him to please knock, even at 1:30 in the morning so we could be sure to avoid the thief. 

As a thank you, the night of that next delivery, I put a small bag of candy and some mixed nuts as a gift for him, in the cooler.  Nothing much but I had to do something.  We hadn't made our Christmas treats yet, darn it!  We ended up just staying awake until he came so he didn't have to knock.  He was another of our Christmas Angels this year!

Fast forward to just this week... B woke up just before 1:30 a.m. the night our usual delivery comes.  Anthony walked out to the kitchen to make him a bottle but noticed headlights in front of our house.  As he peeked through the blinds, he realized that our Winder Farms guy was carrying a cooler up to our front porch.  Since our account is still on hold at the moment, we weren't sure why he would be here at all.  As he walked away from the porch, he noticed Anthony in the window and waved.  After making the bottle and the truck was gone, we went out to the porch to see the new cooler (we have 2 again!) and a note sticking out of it.  When we opened the cooler up, there was a loaf WF bread and a few pint size milks and juices.  What a nice gesture!  We laughed when we read the note.  Here's what it said:

If you are the rightful recipient of this free product (-our last name-) Thank you for the wonderful treats over the holidays. That was so nice, and very much appreciated, hope things are well.  Have a fantastic week!
=) (signed his name)
If you are the thief-- Shame on you!  You may think your getting away with this but your not -- you will be caught, and either way God sees all and you will be held accountable.  If you want Winder products sign up yourself and I will be happy to leave stuff for you.  Thanks for stopping & letting people enjoy what they pay for & deserve.

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Anonymous said...


I work for Winder Farms and would like to recognize this driver for going above and beyond. If you know his name or if you could give me your account number or last name I can look it up.

We love to hear great things about our drivers.


Todd Brey