Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My New Year's Resolutions

Well, here goes nothin'...  I always get the heebee jeebies (is that a real word, because if it is, I'm sure it's spelled wrong :0) when I try to make goals for myself.  I don't know why, I just do.  And each year, I make the same goals.  The same ones that everyone else makes. 

--Excercise every weekday--
--Get organized--
--Read my scriptures every day--
--Write in my journal at least once a week--

This year, though, I am not going to set those goals.  Let me explain.  I still want to do those things but maybe not the way I always plan them in my head.  Because in my mind, it always works out perfectly.  I start and I'm perfect about it for about a week, then the second week I'm ok, and by the time the third week hits, I've all but given up on myself.  Better luck next year. 

So, here's my plan...

  • Exercise -- You'll probably die laughing but I'm really not an exerciser.  I'm just not.  I hate it, I hate it, I HATE IT!  It's not my friend and I think running is of the devil.  Just sayin'...  But dancing, I looove doing that.  My mom and dad got the XBox Kinect for Christmas and they have a dance game that is soooo dang fun!  Don't ask the name of it because I can't remember to save my life.  If I had it at home I would never leave my living room and my kids would never get to play.  I would get every turn and they would have to make their own meals.  Ok, probably not but it really is super fun.  So, the plan is to buy a Wii dance game (because I don't have a Kinect... or an XBox for that matter) and dance my life away.  I'm not going to commit myself to running (evil), or workout videos, or some other boring way of sweating.  But give me a score to beat and I'll die trying. 
  • Get Organized -- Guess what!  I've already got a great head start!  Remember I told you about my runs to the DI (part 1) (part 2)?  This is as close as I've EVER been to where I want to be in that area.  My new hobby is throwing things away.  Even my kids are developing this hobby (well, some of them anyway).  We can BREATHE!  We're not drowning in .... STUFF! 
  • Read My Scriptures -- That's it!  I don't know what goal to set other than just do it.  By the end of the year, and hopefully much sooner, I better be doing it without thinking.  It'll just be second nature. 
  • Write in My Journal -- Well, I think my blog counts, no?  I'll still occasionally write my deep thoughts in my real journal but if I'm being honest, how often do I have deep thoughts?  I mean, really...  It's a rarity.
Other goals that I have are:
  • Say yes to my kids more often (sometimes I feel like such a "no" mom)
  • Get our homeschool History timeline going ASAP
  • A scrapbook for each child.  I have one for K... I got up to age one, go me!  And she loooooves to look at it.  So do the other kids and they always wonder why they don't have one and she does.  Isn't that sad?  Poor kids!  I'm sure they think I love K the most.  It's really a sad story!  
I guess that's about it!  Keep me posted on how you are doing with your goals!  I'll keep you posted on mine.

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LeShel said...

I'm liking your resolutions. I love the idea of dancing for exercise. Do share when you find a really great Wii game