Saturday, January 8, 2011

I got one!!

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to get a Wii dance game of some sort and so... HERE IT IS!  This is what I got.  I told you that I had tried my parents' Kinect with Dance Central.  So, here's my review of both.  First off, I must say that they are completely different.  They both have their pros and cons, and yes I prefer one over the other, slightly.

Dance Central - Kinect:
This game has tutorials that teach you the moves and has you pass them off as you learn.  You can even slow it down if you need to.  Then you can do the dance and it will score you as you dance.  You can even battle someone else.  There are different levels: easy, medium, hard.... each player can choose the level they want.  As you play you unlock different levels, dancers, songs, venues, etc.  In my opinion, this type of dance is more of what you might see in a club.  BUT, I'm not a clubber so this could be completely inaccurate.  Don't take my word for it.  There are a TON of songs on this game.  And it's so nice to not have to hold a controller.  Is it accurate?  I have to say that it is pretty spot on.  It is able to read your movements pretty darn well from your head to your feet.  It can get your heart pumping a little too. 

That was the nice of it, here's the not-so-nice... Some of the songs and movements (in my opinion) are a little risque for my children to hear and do/see.  Also, the dancers themselves, the females anyway, need more clothing on.  Plus, it's a little hard for my girls to do in the first place.  K got very frustrated and ended up crying after trying a couple dances.  Little A, however, did very well.  She's just one of those people that can try anything and is good at it.  So far, I am the champion, overall.  Not to toot my own horn or anything.  Ok, maybe just a little.  I like to dance and I think I've got rhythm.  That's K's problem, she tries too hard to follow the dancer perfectly instead of trying to feel the beat of the music.  Before she knows it, she's half a step behind, then a whole step which puts her going the opposite way.  It's hard for her.  Anthony has the same problem. 

Overall, I really like this game.  I think it's really fun and very accurate.  I got 94% my first time dancing to "Ride the Train"!  Go me! 

Just Dance 2 - Wii:
This one has no tutorial for dance moves, just different modes of play.  You just dance!  Follow the dancer on the screen and go!  It's hard sometimes to hold the Wii remote while dancing but it really is fun.  I think Anthony has more fun with this one for sure.  He was a good sport and played it with me after getting it last night.  You don't really have to be a good dancer, you just have to have your remote moving at the right time and in the right pattern.  But if you're "trying" to be a real dancer, however, it is still pretty accurate.  Of course it's not going to know if you're moving your feet and legs correctly but it reads the remote pretty well.  And this one really gets the heart pounding!  It's definitely more of an aerobic workout, in my opinion.  Much faster paced moves and dances.

This game has less songs and the movements are more for the words of the song or the genre it comes from than anything else.  But it is still really fun!  My kids had a blast with it tonight.  K likes this one better because she doesn't have to be exact and there's nothing to "pass off". 

My opinion?  This one is a blast to just have fun with.  I really do like it but if I had to choose one over the other, I would probably say Dance Central for the Kinect would be the winner.  With that said, I will still probably buy Just Dance (the first one) and we really want to try the Michael Jackson one.  That would be a challenge, I'm sure! 

NOW.... I must tell you about our first experience with Just Dance 2.  You might be wondering why I would buy #2 before buying the first one.  Well, #2 was on sale, simple as that. 

As I mentioned, Anthony was a really good sport to play with me.  It was 11:00 pm when we got started so I was surprised he was willing.  The girls slept at my mom's last night so we just had the boys.  With both of them in bed, it was time to get the party started!  I know it's silly but I was so excited! 

The "Just Dance" mode is for up to 4 players so we went head to head.  Our living room doesn't have a ton of room so we were staggered a little bit.  Once we chose the first dance, we started dancing and almost as quickly as I started, I couldn't catch my breath.  No, it wasn't so vigorous that I couldn't keep up, I was dying at the sight of Anthony dancing.  It was sooooo funny!  I really was wishing that someone were there recording him.  Oh man, just thinking about it makes me giggle.  The game was telling him he was doing certain moves perfectly and I kept looking at what a silly-head he looked like wondering how in the world the game could possibly think that was "perfect".  Luckily, I was able to pull off the win and we moved on to another song.  Each one got me laughing more and more. 

Eventually, Anthony was able to beat me on "Viva Las Vegas" and some James Brown song.  He says it was all skill, I maintain it was because I was laughing so hard I couldn't stand up straight through most of the songs.  Then it was on to "Walk Like an Egyptian".  I won but only by a hair!  Truth be told, I'm afraid of going against him on that one.  He's a got a mean Egyptian walk there...  I may go down next time we battle that one.  YIKES! 

Tonight, we pulled it out again and let the kids have their first go at it.  They really liked it and each one of them has a favorite dance already.  Even K has a couple of the dances that she's been able to beat everyone at.  Anthony went head to head with A on "Viva Las Vegas".  They got to go two rounds of it because half way through the first time, Anthony accidentally smacked poor A in the face with the Wii remote.  She screamed and cried but there was no permanent damage done.  Not even a fat lip, although it did make her already loose tooth a bit looser.  The second time around was much smoother.  And that one I got on video.  I'll be getting that up tomorrow.  I only promised Anthony I wouldn't put it on facebook.  I never said anything about my blog..... *evil laugh*  It's pretty funny, he really gets into it.

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