Saturday, January 22, 2011


Is it so strange that I get anxiety with each new church calling, no matter what it is?  My very first calling as a married woman was my choice.  The bishop called me in and said that two auxiliaries were requesting me.  The two choices were A) Relief Society Teacher or B) Primary teacher.  Guess which one I chose.  Did they really expect me to get up in front of a room full of women, of which I was sure to be the youngest, most inexperienced one?  I don't think so!  First of all, I was new to the ward and secondly, my grandma was in the ward.  I couldn't very well get up there and teach my grandma!  It was just too strange of a thought.  Actually, I didn't give it much thought at all.  Once the choices were presented, it was an instant reaction to shout "Primary, please!" without a second thought. 

I served as a Primary teacher for the six and seven year olds up until K was born.  It was so scary.  Sounds silly but it's true.  I was so scared of those little kids.  Eventually, I got used to the thought of standing in front of a small group of young children and I started to enjoy myself.

Since that first calling in my first ward, I have been called to a number of different positions in many different wards and even a branch (South Carolina).  Some have been easy, some I've done well, some were emotionally draining, and some I did not give my best effort.  But each one has taught me something. 

The most recent calling I've been given is that of Primary Teacher... again, but this time it's for the eight and nine year olds.  I even get the privilege of having K in my class.  She and a little boy are the only active ones in my class.  Unfortunately, our primary is not very big at all.  So far, I've only had to teach once.  Tomorrow will be my second time.  I co-teach with another lady with whom K is already well acquainted since she taught K last year.  K loves her! 

I have to say that my nerves still get me when I think about having to teach.  Sometimes it's just scary to stand in front of these two (sometimes one or two more) kids who are so eager and ready to learn more about Jesus and the scriptures.  K already knows far more than I do about that kind of stuff.  Just the other day I overheard her telling A and H all about the Bible stories she knew.  Moses and the basket, Daniel and the lion's den, Noah and the Ark, and even some people I didn't even know.  Isn't that sad?  I'm supposed to teach her?  Thank goodness for lesson manuals!  It's going to be rough but maybe it will force me to get to know my Father in Heaven a LOT better.  K really is a great example to me.  She is one of those self-motivated people that sets her mind to something and it just gets done.  You know the type, right?  She truly teaches me so much.

As for Anthony, he just received a new calling as well.  He and I have taught the 12 and 13 year old Sunday School class for over a year now.  Let me try that again.... Anthony and I were both called to that position but the truth is, I only taught once by myself and one other time with Anthony present.  Other than that, Anthony has done all of the teaching.  I was just there for moral support!  That should be a real calling, don't you think? .... 'Moral Supporter', it's got a nice ring to it.  Then I received my calling in the Primary so I guess the figured they ought to move him too.  I'm pretty sure I can spill the beans since they told Anthony that he is just basically being reassigned.  Technically, it's still a Sunday School Teacher calling.  He's going to be a Gospel Doctrine Teacher.  He he!  I laugh only because it's the one calling that he's scared to death of.  He's had that calling before, several times actually, but it still gets the best of him.  His lessons are always great and people always tell him he's a wonderful teacher so I never know what he's always crying about. 

There are only three callings in the church (that I can currently think of, anyway) that I have no desire to hold. 

1) Nursery Leader:  Man oh man, am I ever grateful to the nursery leaders!  But I am home with little ones every day and I need a good break on Sundays.  I'm pretty sure I would cry if I were ever called to that position.

2) Relief Society President:  HOLY COW!  That's a huge responsibility.  Insane, that's what I would be.  No, thank you! 

3) Primary Music Person (not sure of the technical name):  You know, the one in charge of "Music Time" in Primary.  This calling is probably really fun but I also know that they have to sometimes 'demonstrate' parts of new songs being learned so the kids will pick up on it.  They also have to sing very loudly for all the kids to hear.  All the kids would end up crying after my attempts at singing.... by myself!  Seriously, it would NOT be good.  Put me in a group and let me attempt to 'blend in', quietly, and maybe no one will notice.  Solos just aren't my thing. 

For the record, if I were ever called to any of these positions I would not reject it.  I would simply fall to my knees and pray and pray and pray some more that I would either have LOTS of patience for the nursery kids, superwoman powers as the RS Pres (and more than 24 hours in a day ;), or a suddenly magical voice for the poor Primary kids. 

Having a calling sure does make me think.  I'm excited to see what things I will learn in my new venture as a teacher. 

Speaking of... I better go prepare my lesson for tomorrow. 

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