Friday, January 28, 2011

Health and confusion

All of my blogging time has been consumed by FOOD!  This whole idea of getting healthy isn't easy and I never realized how terrible my family's diet has been all these years.  My kids have been raised on JUNK! 

Seriously, I think I've been poisoning them. 

And what's a girl supposed to do with all the conflicting reports out there about... well, just about everything?  Fluoride is great, fluoride is bad!  Peanuts are good for you, peanuts are toxic!  Milk is so nutritious, milk is not as great as you think!  All nuts (besides peanuts) are awesome, avoid all nuts as they are not to be consumed!  Wheat bread is the best, avoid gluten at all costs. 


And then there's the list of things you're 'supposed' to buy. 
~baking soda only sold in health food stores... grocery store kinds have aluminum
~Stevia and Agave Nectar instead of sugar... have you ever tried Stevia... BLECH!  That's what I say about that!  Besides, I think I'm allergic to it.  I tried it twice and both times I thought my throat was swelling.  I could breathe but it felt weird.  Agave is good, just expensive.

That's another thing, cost!  With 5 kids, I've got to practical with my budget and practical sometimes means crappy food.  The kind that's over-processed, full of sugar and high fructose corn syrup, white flour, the works.  But I'm sad because I really don't want to eat those things any more. 

Oh how I wish for good food to be CHEAP, and have coupons!  Who's with me?  

And the confusion sets in...

I just don't know what to do with all this new information I've absorbed.  Which reports are right?  Which foods are the true 'super' foods?  

I guess I'll just go with what feels right.  Now, if I could just get my feelers to work...


Jessica said...

I came across your blog from ldshomeschooling. I completely agree with you! After years of feeding my family junk because it was cheap I have really tried to switch to more healthy options. Also some health conditions surfaced that forced it as well. Our food budget is HUGE and I HATE it. So, I am with you! Where do you live? Have you heard of Bountiful Baskets?

Brooke said...

Actually, yes! I have heard of them but that's as far as I got. I don't know exactly what it is or how it works but I'm very interested. I'm in the Salt Lake Area. If you could email me, my email is babblinbrooke22 @ (no spaces of course)

Thanks so much!