Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our quiet New Year's Eve

Normally, when the New Year's Eve rolls around, Anthony and I have plans.  Most of the time it involves his side of the family.  Once in a while, we get together with my side... although my side is much smaller.  This year, after hearing that we would be getting a large amount of snow that evening, we decided not to make any plans.  The invites were plentiful but about a week before, we asked my parents if they wanted to come over for card games (because that's the only kind of games they like). 

Other than the fact that our kids, with their sugar-highs and sleep deprived second winds, would be running around like mad men, it would be a pretty quiet night.  I figure extra sweets, treats and staying up til the ball drops is ok... it's only once a year, right? 

Our New Year turned out to be something quite different than what I expected.  I was unaware that Anthony had invited his parents over as well.  That would still make for a pretty quiet night but just two days before, Anthony's sister called to see if we had any plans.  I told her we were just having the parents over.  She asked if they could crash the party.  That added 3 more kids and two adults. 

Then, on the big day, another of Anthony's sisters posted on her facebook that she had no plans.  Her hubby would be gone coyote hunting (crazy man!) so she had nowhere to go.  I called her and told her she may as well join us.  Then my mom called me to let me know that she had invited my dad's cousin and his wife.  My brother also came with my parents and my grandpa came over too.  WHEW!  We had a house full!  It was kind of nuts.

So our "quiet" evening at home turned into mayhem and chaos!  We loved every minute of it!  Minute to Win It games, ping pong (who knew my grandpa was a pro?), tons of food, and LOTS of laughing!  Pictures are coming.  What a hoot!  I hope your New Year was as fun as ours turned out to be.

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Anne said...

Hey you had me concerned for a minute. I am glad you let us come and crush the party as you put it. We really did have a BLAST thanks again.