Sunday, February 6, 2011


I promise this post is about something other than our new eating plan.  Not because I have nothing to say about it, because I do.  I'm just too embarrassed to talk about it.  

I won't tell you about how we were doing so great and then flubbed it all up, or that we are allowed only one 'cheat meal' per week and we ended up having about 3 (or 4 if you're Anthony).  

What I can tell you is that since we are perfect and have followed the rules to a T, we were able lose a few pounds.  Anthony lost 6 pounds, and I have lost 4.5! 

But wait, this post is about something else, entirely! 

Today was Fast Sunday and, although we forgot to fast, it was a great day! 

Side note:  We have made it on time for church (meaning we made it to Sacrament Meeting) 6 WEEKS IN A ROW!! --- That is if you count the Sacrament Hymn as 'on time'... If you know us at all, you know that this is quite the feat for us.  Thank goodness for 11:00 church.  I think we make it to Sacrament once every 6 weeks when it's at 9:00. 

Anyway, being that it was Fast Sunday, we had our Fast and Testimony Meeting.  That is, by far, my favorite meeting of each month.  I don't know why.  Just one of those things, I suppose. 

As we entered the chapel and sat down, I realized that I had forgotten my lesson book at home for Primary.  Since it was my week to teach, it was kind of an essential item.  I leaned over to Anthony and asked him if he would mind running home to grab it since he usually ends up walking out of the meeting with C anyway, as he is not a huge fan of anything to do with Sacrament Meeting.... except the microphone on the stand.  His idea of sitting still and being quiet involves screaming, haning on the pew in front of us (as though it's a jungle gym), or running up to the front and onto the stand where the bishopric sits.  That's always embarrassing.  I'm sure the whole ward loves to watch as C runs, at full speed, up the aisle with me half speed walking/half jogging to catch him before he reaches the front.  I'm sure it's quite the sight!

After the Sacrament was passed today, Anthony and C made their exit.  They were quick to come back with my lesson book in hand.  What nice boys they are!  

A few testimonies in, many of the people bearing them had birthdays this month (it seems to be the theme of our ward), Anthony very bravely decided to walk up to the front.... with C.... where the mic is.... and bare his testimony!  **Often times, C can be found standing at this very mic, begging to be able to say a prayer... he LOVES that thing**

Anthony was wise to place a disclaimer before beginning his testimony.  He said, "This could get ugly really quick!"  

C quickly wanted down from Anthony's arms and Anthony obliged... he's a brave soul.  

Anthony bore a very strong testimony of how he has recently realized how much his relationship with C is very much like that of his relationship with our Heavenly Father... or should be!  You see, not only is C a major Daddy's boy, he actually idolizes Anthony.  This may sound like an exaggeration but I kid you not!  He observes every.little.thing that Anthony does and tries to do the exact same thing.  He may look more like me but he wants to be exactly like his father.  

I am not allowed to do ANYTHING for him if Anthony is around.  I can't change his diaper, fill his cup, put him to bed, read him a book, get him a pillow, or even touch his toys if Anthony is there.  

Well, as Anthony was bearing his testimony, C decided to walk over to the piano on the stand.  Thank goodness Anthony was able to coax him away before he started playing.  About that time, B was acting up and I had to exit the chapel.  But I heard Anthony finish his testimony about how he knows the Church is true and how grateful he is for the Plan of Salvation.  

It made my heart tingle.  At that moment, my love for him grew even more.  

Then, after he closed his testimony, what did I hear?  

A little C voice!  He bore his testimony too.  It was so sweet, it really was!  Mostly it was just some little kid babble.  But at the very end, I heard Anthony whisper, "In the name of Jesus Christ..."

And C said, "Christ..... AMEN!" 

My love for him grew at that moment as well. 

And then C was done for the rest of the meeting.  He wanted nothing to do with going back to his seat in the overflow area.  It just wasn't going to happen.  But it was great while it lasted! 

At one point, a Sister in our ward got up and said that Anthony had inspired her to bare hers as well.  She spoke about how she watches our family and (I don't remember exactly) thinks that THAT is how it should be.  She's such a sweet sweet woman!  We all love her! 

It was really sweet but I had to laugh a little thinking, Hmmm... if only she knew....  We are far from what the gospel is all about.  We have so much to learn!  But it did feel good to have someone recognize our efforts. 


LeShel said...

i too LOVE testimony meeting. glad you got to see such a wonderful moment with your family.

4.5lbs in one week!! You're amazing. Be careful though or you will melt away.

A Bunch of Roaches said...

Very sweet. It is always amazing when the men/boys in our lives allow themselves to be vulnerable and share their testimonies.