Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Treasure!

This is it!  My absolute favorite find... so far, in the boxes of stuff from my parents' house.  I couldn't get the pictures to turn so I'm very sorry if it bothers you to look at a couple of them sideways. 

TROPHY:  Musical spoons!

 Everyone can play...

Even Dad plays his Trophy Musical Spoons when he gets home from work!

Sounds like Mom has a new set of spoons in the kitchen from Trophy Music!

Billy rushes home from school everyday to play his Trophy Musical Spoons!  (...because wouldn't we all if we had a set...)
 The real thing!  Where was this hiding?  I never saw this at my mom's house.  Who plays 'the spoons'? 
Had to share... thought it was funny!

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Dana said...

This was a favorite when I was kid. So we bought them and put them in the box of goodies I sent over. I hope you really enjoy them. Your MOM