Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And so it begins… again

So, my cousin was in town for a whole whopping day.  She lives in Nebraska but was in town for her doctor husband (surgeon) to interview the hospital here for the job that they already hired him for.  HE is interviewing them… is that strange to anyone else?  Maybe if my husband were a doctor I’d understand.  I mean, I guess I understand.  He wants to make sure it’s a hospital he’d be happy working for.  Makes sense.

Anyway, I got to see her Monday night and holy cow!  She looks awesome!  Not that she didn’t look awesome before.  That came out wrong…

She has always looked awesome but apparently she’s been working out and stuff and has lost some poundage and inches in the process.  I’ve never been a big person and my ‘chubby’ is not what most people would call chubby but when you’re used to being one size and you’re not anymore, it’s sad.  It’s chubby for me and I have to say that when I saw Kymber (that’s my cousin… she really does have a name) I kind of felt like a cow! 

It got even worse when she had me lie on the floor. 

I don’t know.  Something about teaching me to sing from my diaphragm. 

Something about a bowl.

It’s sitting upside down at the base of my ribs.

Moving your chest or shoulders while breathing is a no no.

I don’t know… something like that.

What I do know is that she had me feeling my stomach and she was feeling it too.  Suddenly, it was so easy to remember that my tummy no longer caves in when I lie down.  Oh no… it kind of pokes up a wee bit. 


Darn those pregnancies (not really, I love my kids!) and getting older!!  Grrr!

Once upon a time (about a year ago) I did an entire round of P90X.  I started out not much different than I am right now. During the 90 days that I tortured myself with Tony Horton’s insane workouts, I lost 12 pounds.  I wasn’t quite back to my high school weight but I wasn’t far off.  And then I stopped almost completely.  To date I have put back all but a couple of pounds.



And so Monday night I tortured myself… then again Tuesday night and I even plan on doing it again tonight.  For a whole 90 days!  UGH!  I already know that it works but can I just tell you how sick I am of Tony Horton’s voice?  And just those workouts in general.  On and off for an entire year… totally works but I’m so bored with it!  Wish I could afford Insanity.  Maybe someday.


Ya do what you have to do, right?  I’ll keep you updated.  




Cari said...

I hear ya. Iost all mine and then the stress of moving and travelling it's been impossible to get in a routine. I haven't run since thanksgiving. Pathetic. I am making some diet changes and planning on getting my rear in gear. I bought a pair of jeans online and they are way too tight, so that's my goal- fit in those jeans. I'll never be high school size (95 lbs isn't attractive for a 30 year old). My tummy is my major problem, so hard to get that baby tummy off! Running long distance is a great way to lose weight- once you hit an hour your body starts changing and you drop pounds so much faster. You should train for a half marathon and we can run together... Salt lake is in April!

Emily said...

I 100% agree with Cari! Running is so good for you! I only got to week 3of p90x and then I got sooooo bored. I started running again but doing just the weights section of p90x.

Taraining for a half marathon, I lost 20lbs :)

Lara said...

You would get board of Insanity also! although it is a completely different workout. My favorite is Insanity out of the two, but I'm needing to mix things up, so I think I'll combine the two of them. I also want to start running more...but WANTING & FINDING the motivation are two separate animals all together! Good luck with the 90 days of Toni. (I hear there is a P90X 2 now)

Brooke said...

Well, I think all y'all are NUTS! Running is NOT my thing. Although I really want a treadmill. I know it makes no sense.
I will probably never run a marathon or even a half marathon. Let's start with a 5K and go from there ;)
Anthony is planning to run the SL Marathon but he hasn't paid yet because we don't know for sure if it's on or off. And we don't know WHEN... it's kind of up in the air the last we heard.
I don't think P90X is boring. I actually really like it but I've been doing the same workouts for a year now and I just need a change! Insanity would give me something new to try. And I've heard about the P90X 2 but haven't heard much good about it. Everyone says it's a waste of money.