Thursday, February 16, 2012

GFC and Linky Followers

Have you been hearing the rumors, too?  Is Google Friend Connect really going away? 

First I hear that it’s going away for good… for EVERYONE, then I hear that it’s going away only for non Blogger blogs (which would include me), and now I’m just all kinds of confused and just don’t know what to believe. 

Either way, whether it’s gone for good or just for blogs that aren’t with Blogger, it’s going away for me… SAD :(

But there is an alternative…

See that Linky Followers widget over there on the right?  Click on the ‘follow me’ button and they will guide you through the rest.  It’s actually a pretty cool way to follow all your favorite blogs.  I think you can even follow blogs that don’t have the widget on their site.  I’m new to this… I need to research it a bit more but from what I can tell, it’s pretty cool so far.

Please excuse my lack of real posts recently.  I’ve been a bit bothered by some recent events in the news and I was afraid of writing something I might regret later.  I’m not his judge and it’s not for me to say what will happen to him… the fact that he took two innocent lives with him (and the way that he did it) have really weighed on my mind.  There have been many tears shed on my end and I’ve had a hard time.  The silly thing is, I don’t even know these people!  And I know those two boys are happy and at peace now but… I’m still human and I’m still here on this side of the veil where I am unable to comprehend certain things. 

I guess it’s just really made me think about my own children and how precious they really are.  And I’ve wondered if I really love them enough.  There’s so much more I can do and say to show them how much I love them and to be perfectly honest, I could love them more!  I need to love them more.  They are gifts and blessings to me from my Father in Heaven and I don’t always treat them as such.  Sometimes they get on my nerves, sometimes I want to be left alone, sometimes I am selfish. 

LOVE THEM MORE!  (My message to myself.) 

And now, my apologies for my rant above.  Sorry!

Check out Linky Followers…. to the right.


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Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I read Google's proclamation. They said it will be gone March 1st for non-blogger blogs due to it's unpopularity--ha! I signed up for Linky Followers too and will probably add it to my site next week!

And ya, I've pondered that story a lot too. Too much. Seems unfathomable. Renewing my efforts to be a better mom sounds like a great plan to me.

Have a wonderful weekend my friend!