Thursday, February 23, 2012

Voice Lessons–Take Three

After three whole weeks off for various reasons, A and I were finally able to get back to singing.  And let me tell you, A was NOT happy about missing her lesson.  She cried because “I’ve worked so hard on my songs and now I can’t even go!”

It was dramatic!  That girl is nothing if not dramatic.  But don’t call her a drama queen.  You will get the wrath of A if you do… you do not want the wrath.  It can get ugly. 

Anyway, this most recent lesson was fun for me.  I was able to watch as A performed her two songs and was very impressed with her!  I almost cried.  Chuck was impressed as well.  When it came time for me to sing all I could do was giggle.  For some reason I was completely embarrassed to be singing.  There was A singing beautifully and then me… singing like a duck.  Ducks don’t sing and I imagine that if they did, they would sound like me. 

Or maybe a goose. 

Something like that anyway.

Well, I wanted to put some videos on here of A singing but after uploading them to youtube I got a notice via email warning me that they had ‘possible copyright infringement’.  WHOOPS! 

I guess I hadn’t thought of that before uploading the other videos.  So, I deleted them and you can’t hear her sing.  :(  Just know that she sounds awesome! 

We are having a lot of fun with our voice lessons.  If you think you might be interested in taking some yourself, check out this website and give Chuck a call!  You could be the next SUPERSTAR!!



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