Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Holy Cow!

I’ve been the biggest blog slacker.  It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for us.  The silly thing is, I can’t really put my finger on what we’ve done that’s made it so crazy.  I guess it just feels like it because I’m trying to balance everything and figure out what changes we need to make in our lives.  Changes are definitely needed right now!

We’re in the middle of trying to revamp our homeschool schedule for K.  She’s been in a slump and in need of a major change.  Our ‘method’ (if you want to call it that) has been pretty relaxed.  I’ve wanted my kids to kind of guide me in the direction they want to go rather than me telling them what they need to know and when they need to know it.  I admit that the public schooler in me had a hard time giving my kids that much freedom but I kept hearing and reading from various sources that you just have to ‘trust the process’. 

I definitely wouldn’t call us unschoolers but I do give the kids quite a lot of freedom when it comes to their education…

Guess what!  It’s working! 

K is ready for more.  She’s getting restless and is practically begging for more structure, more work, more direction, more everything!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to see this happening.  However, I’m finding it rather complicated to find which direction I need to guide her. 

Time to get on my knees and pray…

Another thing I’ve been on my knees about a lot lately is the whole family harmony thing.  What is it about girls and drama?  Seriously, I don’t know what to do or how to deal with it. 

The girls are always, always, always, ALWAYS fighting lately.  And K’s temper is flying off the handle.  She is yelling and even growling sometimes.  I know, anyone reading this that actually knows K is thinking that can’t be right.  K is so polite and sweet most of the time, she really is but lately, it’s a whole different story.  And then just the other night she came and told Anthony and I (after a fight at bedtime with her sisters – in which she snarled, yelled and growled at them) that she has felt the influence of the adversary prompting her to ‘say bad words and think bad thoughts’. 

Ok, this was news to us. 

Are we doing something wrong?  It broke my heart to hear her say that.  She was extremely upset and crying.

Thank goodness for the Priesthood!  Anthony gave her a blessing and all seemed to be well after that.  She woke up the next morning thanking her daddy for the blessing and told us that it worked.  We are so blessed to have the gospel in our lives!

And now, speaking of another child…. I love my little A. but WOW! she can be so selfish.  She never wants to share anything with anyone.  And if they are playing a game (such as ‘house’ or barbies… anything really) if she can’t have it her way, she gets really mean and bratty.  She quits the game and storms off, yelling the whole way to wherever it is she’s headed and blaming everyone else for not making the game fun. 

The other day at Liberty Girls they had a spelling bee.  H won!  A was mad.  She couldn’t congratulate H and be happy for her.  Instead she complained that she ‘never wins anything’.  I mean, it was dramatic!  There were tears and there was yelling (I hadn’t helped her learn to spell better… she missed all the easy ones, according to her).  I admit that after a couple minutes, I may have snapped back at her because I was a little upset that she was ruining the moment for H.  H should have been happy and excited.  Instead she felt bad for winning because it made A feel bad.  Middle child syndrome???

UGH!  Help me out here, what do I do?

And then there’s little H herself.  She’s a perfect angel and she never does anything wrong! 

Oh wait, that’s what H thinks of herself.  She’s very good at manipulating certain situations to make them look more innocent than they really are or making it look like someone else’s mess.  She’s never involved.  Even when I catch her sometimes!  Somehow it’s always Nobody. 

That Nobody sure does cause a lot of problems around here.  Does he/she hang out at your house, too? 

Open to suggestions, folks!  I just don’t know what to do.  Love them all to death but I’m struggling to find answers! 



Kendra said...

I am not dealing with girl drama I am dealing with boy drama. My boys 6 and 4 seriously get so mad they want to just beat each other. I just keep praying they will stop and not get so mad at each other. It's so hard when their young and life isn't fair {my 6 year old says that on an hourly basis!} Let me know if you figure it out! :)

Brooke said...

Boys certainly do come with drama of their own. My eight year old reminds me that life isn't fair all. the. time... and I tell her she's right. It's just not.
I will definitely let you know when I come up with the master plan for making things harmonize ;)

Lara said...

I remember fighting with my sister A LOT. I'm sorry your girls (and family) are going through this! I know for certain that part of the amazing thing about the family concept is that Heavenly Father fills it with different personaties for us to learn and grow from. (heck, even my kids get on my nerves, but I know they were sent to teach ME about accepting people who are different than me) As parents, we want our kids to "just get along"! (all....the.....time!) But, it's not possible. And, knowing what I know now about families/inlaws/friends- I just really want my kids to accept other people, and respect them for who they are. I hope I can teach them that while they're still young, but they probably won't get it until they're married with kids of their own! Good luck with all the girl drama. I've always known I was lucky to have all boys- I can handle the wrestling/video games/sticky hands/muddy footprints far better than I can handle the girl drama.