Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Special Day

High Priest

A while back Anthony was called in for a Stake interview with a counselor in our Stake Presidency.  Little did he know what he was in for.  Since then, he’s learned so much and I’ve watched his testimony of the gospel grow along with his devotion and loyalty to just about everything.  He’s my hero!  I love that man and can’t imagine going through this crazy life with anyone else.  I aspire to be more like him in so many ways.

The day that Anthony was made a High Priest was a pretty special day for him.  Only one thing could have made it better.  You see, Anthony’s dad had not been called to the office of High Priest.  Therefore, he was unable to ordain Anthony to that higher priesthood.  Instead, Anthony asked one his good friends in the ward to do it. 

As we sat there in the room and Anthony was being ordained, Mark (Anthony’s dad) was overwhelmed with emotion.  I personally have only seen him that emotional one other time.  (When Anthony’s sister passed away.)  The tears were flowing and we all just knew that he was so happy for Anthony, yet at the same time he wished so badly that he had been able to perform the sacred ordinance himself. 

Well, a couple weeks ago Anthony got a phone call from his dad informing him that he had better make plans to go to church with him that coming Sunday.  He played it down for a minute and then finally announced that he had been called to the office of High Priest!  I think Anthony was just as excited about it as his dad was.  And the neatest part for them both was that Anthony was able to ordain Mark! 

It became quite the ordeal as all of Anthony’s sisters who could make it were there.  One even drove up from Arizona for the occasion.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the ordination being that my kids had already gone to church in our own ward and I knew attempting a second Sacrament Meeting with the boys would turn into a major nightmare!  We waited at my in-laws house for everyone to come back and then we partied the best way we know how… lots of Mark’s favorite foods! 

It was a day of celebration, indeed!  Mark was on cloud nine and everyone else had no choice but to be right there with him.  You just have to know the guy.  He puts a smile on your face without even trying when he’s in a good mood.  So what if he’s a lot little stubborn and likes to argue about which foods are healthy and which ones are not…. it’s only extremely slightly frustrating!

I totally won that argument, by the way.  He just doesn’t realize it.  ;)

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