Monday, March 26, 2012

More Birthday Stuff!

After leaving Temple Square, where we gathered for C’s birthday, we headed to Leatherby’s.  I grew up going to Leatherby’s quite often and to this day it’s my favorite place to go for ice cream…. and cheese fries.  Mmm, I could go for a batch right now!  Definitely not clean but absolutely delicious to be sure!

While there, I was able to get a couple of pics.  Unfortunately they’re just cell phone pics because I didn’t want to pull out my camera and risk it getting sticky or something.  That would be a tragedy! 

We had the kids look at the ice cream flavors in the buckets before being seated so they would know ahead of time what they wanted.  It’s always a process, might as well get it done early.  C insisted on the ‘RED’ one.  (He always calls green red for some reason.)

Leatherby's 1

It’s Pistachio Nut.  And it was really good.  

Once he was done, he decided to help the waiters out.  I mean, I’m sure they were in the market for a 4-year-old apprentice, no? 

Leatherby's 2

He was not about to sit still after that.  The determination in that child is relentless and he was bound and determined to get his way.  Anthony took him to the car before they even had a chance to sing to him.  I had actually forgotten that they were going to sing until an entire herd of waiters/waitresses marched over to our table with a tiny scoop of ice cream and a candle.  So, we had them sing to B instead.  His birthday was only a couple weeks ago and we never did sing to him so it worked out.  And B thought he was pretty big stuff!  I was able to snap one pic before switching to video and catching him blow out the candle.  You’ll see the look of pride on his face (in the video).

Leatherby's 3

And just because I know you’re dying to know what we all got… ;)

Anthony and I shared Tracy’s Peanut Butter Cup (it’s to die for!)

K – Cake Batter,  A – Chocolate Peanut Butter,  H – Bubble Gum (a classic!)

And of course the aforementioned cheese fries and chicken fingers.  We were all starving after Temple Square!

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