Sunday, March 25, 2012

C’s Birthday Post

And now he’s 4.  Time flies and I’m getting left in the DUST! 

The only thing my little man wanted to do for his birthday was go to Temple Square.  I really don’t know why because I’m pretty sure that he had no clue what it really was.  I think he thought he’d be able to go inside.  All I know is that he’s been asking to go for months now. 

So, we met up with anyone that could make it.  We invited everyone but only my family showed up (Mom, Dad, Kortney, Parker) and one of Anthony’s sisters, Anne, and her family.  Not sure why everyone else didn’t make it but we had fun anyway. 

We decided to hit the Church History Museum first thinking that C would enjoy that a little better than Temple Square itself.  Turns out, we were wrong. 

He had fun but he just kept asking when we were going to Temple Square. 

So off we went.  But first I had to get a few pics in front of the Museum.  He was in love with this little flower he picked before anyone could stop him.  He carried it around the rest of the day.

C's birthday jpeg0014

C's birthday jpeg0017

Ok, so he badly needs a haircut and I’m not the best at editing my photos yet.  Still working on that. Oh, and the outfit… it was his birthday.  I let him choose even if I did plan on taking pics.  Sigh!  He’s 4.

Once at Temple Square, C was on cloud nine!  He thought he was big stuff when we told him we had entered the grounds.  He started marching his excited march.  You’d have to see it to know what I’m talking about.  I guess you might call it a cross between a march and a strut. 

C's birthday jpeg0024

C's birthday jpeg0029

C's birthday jpeg0039

C's birthday jpeg0050

C's birthday jpeg0067

C's Birthday at Temple Square 166

C's birthday jpeg0034

C's birthday jpeg0077

All in all I think C had a great day!  After leaving Temple Square we headed to Leatherby’s… only the BEST ice cream place in the entire world!!  I only took pics on my phone there because I didn’t want to risk my sixth child new camera getting all sticky and icky. 

When I asked C some questions to document his favorites, this is how he answered:

Favorite Movie:  2 of them (I would say it’s probably Horton Hears a Who… at least right now.)

Favorite TV Show:  How ‘bout Cat in the Hat (he’s only seen it once)

Favorite Food:  Um, I like pasghetti (we had just eaten it for dinner… and he never eats much of it)

Favorite Color:  Orange (it’s the only color he’s got down pat!)



Kristin said...

That picture of you looks way cute Brooke! Happy Birthday C! :)

Brooke said...

Thanks! That was our attempt at a family picture. As you can see it worked out well. The boys aren't cooperating at all (as you can see) and H and A are too busy running around with their cousins to even stick around long enough for the picture to be taken. What can I say? We tried.

Cari said...

That's so sweet. And great pics!