Monday, March 12, 2012

Guess who’s 2!! (B’s birthday post)

Someone turned two over the weekend… I can’t believe my baby is two!  He’s been such a blessing to our family.

B birthday 2 

This kid has shown signs of being a jokester from the time that he started to develop a personality.  It has proven to be true as he’s grown and I love it!  He’s definitely a handful and keeps me on my toes.  He keeps all of us in stitches most of the time.  B loves to laugh and make others laugh along with him.  I can’t wait to watch his personality develop even further. 

I know the picture below is blurry but it was just too cute not to include.  It shows just a tiny smidge of the prankster in him.  And yes, he is surrounded by rags and floor coverings because we are in the process of painting our dining room.

B birthday And even though the little stinker has entered into the terrible 2’s, I just have to say that I will take a 2 year old over a 3 year old ANY day!  I think 3 is much tougher than 2. 

We love you B!  Happy Birthday!

(Now just 2 more birthdays in March… all the boys.  Us girls all get our own month [selfish?] but Anthony, C, and B all get to share March.  No party yet.  It’s coming.)


Cari said...

What a cutie! You did a great job with the pictures!

Brooke said...

Ha! That's funny because these pics were taken before I even had my new camera. He just happened to be in the dining room laying down with all the stuff. I just thought he looked cute.