Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I don’t watch a TON of TV, but…

Ok, so I have a few guilty pleasures in the realm of television watching.  I used to watch a lot more than I do now.  As my family has grown I’ve had to cut back and choose only ‘the best’.  Ha!  (You’ll laugh too when you see what ‘the best’ consists of.)

The guiltiest of my guilty pleasures would have to be Dance Moms.  It’s HORRIBLE!!  If you’ve ever watched, you know what I mean.  Abby Lee Miller (the teacher) treats the kids like… well, I don’t know.  I just know it’s awful.  And the moms are pretty much nuts!  But it’s like the guy that bends over to pick something up and his bum is showing.  Someone yells, “OH!  Look, that guy’s got plumber’s crack!”  (No offense to any plumbers ;) We all have our moments of ‘crack’ showing.) 

You don’t really  want to see but the first reaction is, “WHERE?”  And then you look and immediately look away because… EW! 

That’s how Dance Moms is.  You just have to watch!  Or maybe you don’t, but I do.  Though I admit that there are a couple of times I’ve had to skip it (like when they are ‘show girls’ and Abby wants the audience to ‘think they’re naked’.  That’s just wrong.)

These girls are amazing dancers.  I’ve never seen anything like it especially at their young ages.  Here is a clip from when they were on The View.


My next guilty pleasure is The Biggest Loser.  If I could only choose one show to watch from now on (which I should probably do) this would be it.  But I’ve gotta say, I really miss Jillian!  Tell me you wouldn’t choose her as your trainer if you could.  I would!  Dolvett would be my second choice.  Bob is just out of the question.  Not a fan.  Who would you choose? 


Ok, I lied!  The Biggest Loser would be the show I would watch if I could only choose one game type reality show.  You know, where they are playing for money?  But I think I would choose The Duggars as my all-time favorite.  I love 19 Kids and Counting.  LOVE it!!  Call me crazy but I find them to be very inspirational.  The plan is to someday be as organized as they are and my kids will get along as well as the Duggar kids do.  That’s the plan, it’s a work in progress.  But I figure if they can do it with 19 kids, surely I should be able to handle my five!!  Or not, they’re just amazing. 


What TV shows do you just have to watch each week?  


LeShel said...

I've never heard of the show Dance Mom's. I'll have to look it up. Only because I really love dance.
I use to Hulu Biggest Loser but it's been awhile. And, I've never seen 19 kids and counting.
I tend to watch stuff on Netflix but this month we have a no TV policy so we're watching nothing.

I must say those dancers in your clip are super, super talented but they're going to get chewed out major because their not in sync during the parts they should be. Going to have to look for more clips, amazing.

Cari said...

Sadly (or fortunately?) there are no shows that currently interest me. I used to love What Not to Wear and 24, but haven't found anything interesting to watch since they both went off the air... I watch a lot of masterpiece theatre's and bbc's via netflix...Wives & Daughters and North & South are my absolute fav's.

LeShel said...

So, I watched a brief clip of the Dance Mom show and I CAN'T stand to listen to those mom's talk. GAG! I'd love to watch more of the dancing but those women give all of us a bad name.

Brooke said...

Yes! The moms are nuts! But those girls really are amazingly talented. I LOVE watching them dance. Such an art.

Cari said...

I take it back- I just watched the first two episodes of The Touch- Kiefer, and...I think I'm going to start watching tv him and love engaging unpredictable shows like this!

Brooke said...

I have never heard of it. But I'm glad you found something worthwhile to watch. I try not to watch to many new shows because I know I'll get sucked in. Stupid Dance Moms! I don't know why I watched it to begin with. Now I can't stop!