Friday, June 3, 2011

And they danced anyway....

Sometimes I can be such a putz!  I forgot to put these pics up.  I blame it on the fact that I have five kids and each one has taken more and more of my brain cells during pregnancy.  Can I blame it on that? 

These are the pics from K and A's Liberty Girls Fiesta!  So fun!  I have to say that their leaders are the best.  I could never think up the things they do.  They're so on top of it all. 

Here's K before the festivities begin.

She is wearing her robozo (sp?)-- it's Spanish.  And her cool dress that "goes all the way up to here!" as she holds it up on the sides to show me how high it goes.

And here's A playing tether ball with her robozo and skirt.  Hers was made special (as in not the same length as the other girls') because she is so short.  I know it's silly but I love that her hair is flying up in this picture.

C has NO problem making himself at home.  Sometimes it's a little embarrassing. 

H is just so excited that we get to sign her up for next semester's Liberty Girls.

Like I said, no problem making himself at home... even in their shed.

Little B before the burning!  Or maybe we should call it during.

C was so excited to try jumping on the trampoline.... until he got on.  It wasn't his cup of tea.

THIS is where the festivities begin!  All the girls (minus a few that didn't want to participate) lining up for their dance. 

Because of where I was seated, I got some great pics of A but K was hidden on the opposite corner. 

Oh, there's a good one of K.  She's the one bowing on the end.

Love this one.

H was a good sport to wear K's and A's bows along with her own while they danced.  I didn't realize they had bows for them to dance in. 

Bakin' in the sun... only it was cloudy.

We didn't realize it until a couple hours later... :(  Sad!! 

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