Friday, June 17, 2011

Dirt Cups

What kid doesn't like to go outside and play in the dirt?  Or better yet, what kid, at some point, doesn't eat the dirt that they like to play in? 

Think back... I bet there was a time in your life that even you tried eating dirt.  I remember mixing it with my milk once thinking it would taste just like chocolate milk.  Ummm, yeah.  Let's just say it doesn't quite have the same appeal as Nesquik.  I don't recommend it.  Tell your kids.  Not that they will listen, but you could certainly try.  Oh what the heck!  Let 'em try it.  A little dirt never hurt anyone. 

But instead of giving them real dirt, let them make these dirt cups or sand cups.  That's right!  Your kids can make this practically by themselves.  Depending on age and skill level, of course.  My kids make them for their Lemonade Stand each week and they always sell. 

'Cause who wouldn't want to eat this?  Well, besides the kid that saw them and said to his mom, "Ew!  I don't want one of those, that's gross!"  We'll leave him out of the equation.

Kids go nuts over them and they're so simple. 

First, you'll need to have a package of Oreo's on hand for the dirt cups and/or a package of Nilla Wafers for the sand cups.  Then place the cookies in a gallon sized zipper bag and have the kids beat the cookies until they are fine crumbs. OR, you can put them in a food processor and let it do the dirty work for you. 

Then you're going to make a large box of pudding (chocolate or vanilla) according to the package instructions.  After it's made, add up to half of the crumbs to your pudding.  I prefer a bit less but it's up to you.  Then you'll add up to 8 ounces (small container) of whipped cream to the pudding.  Again, I prefer about half that amount but nobody asked me. 

**These pics are only of the pudding itself.  No whipped cream or crumbs have been added yet.**

The other half of the crumbs will be used as dirt and/or sand in your cups.  Fill the very bottom of a clear plastic cup with a spoonful of crumbs. 

Cover that bottom layer of crumbs with a thick layer of pudding mixture. 


Spoon another layer of crumbs on the top.

Garnish with gummy worms, Swedish Fish, or other gummy, buggy creatures. 

Aren't they fun?  You're kids will LOVE them!

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