Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dear Blog,

I'm very sorry that I do not possess talent enough to make you beautiful.  You have potential, you really do!  Maybe a little make-up?  If only I knew how to apply it to your plain face.  I just don't. 

But Blog, I promise to hire someone to do your make-up for you once I can afford it.  They'll work their magic and VOILA!  You'll be so pretty. 

Right now you kind of remind me of my kids when they don't let me do their hair, lunch is smeared across their face and they're wearing clothes from last week that I didn't realize they had put back into their drawer for another day.  They have stains! 

Or maybe you remind me of ME when I first wake up in the morning and my hair is here, there and everywhere.  What's a girl and her blog to do?

And please forgive me for not speaking your language.  Your CSS and HTML confuse me.  I really am trying to learn but it all looks foreign to me.  I don't speak your language!  We need a translator!!  Do you speak Greek?

In the meantime, while I save up to hire a make-up artist/translator for you, you'll just have to be plain ol' plain.  But be happy, because I think you're great! 



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