Thursday, March 21, 2013

Birthday Boys!! 5 & 3

My two oldest boys are lucky enough to share a birthday month with their daddy, whom they absolutely adore!  We thought maybe that’s how boys came for us… have a baby in March and it will be a boy!  Obviously that’s not the case.  Baby B was born in November (see part 1 and part 2)  So that’s not it.  It’s one of a few things.  Either they like sharing a birth month with a parent (I’m in November with Baby B), girls are born in odd years and boys are born in even years, or the fact that all the girls were born in temporary conditions (housing-wise… each in a different apartment) and the boys were all born while we’ve lived in this home.  {Yes, we think too much.}

Or maybe it’s the way Heavenly Father planned it ;)

Whatever the case may be, C and B get to share the month with daddy.  We always celebrate them all together because it’s easier that way, not to mention less expensive.  This year C insisted on having his own Monster Truck party.  He didn’t want to share with B.  Sharing with dad was fine, but not with B. 

In the end, however, we finally talked him into sharing and they agreed on a Dump Truck party.  Why a Dump Truck party?  I have no idea.  Why is the sky blue?

We decided to hit the zoo beforehand.  My sister gave us an annual pass for Christmas and the weather was perfect!  Besides, we hadn’t yet seen the not-so-new exhibit, Rocky Shores.  It was pretty awesome!

We all had a great time.  Everything went perfectly and no one got lost! 

Ok, ok.  It went something like this {I’m such a terrible liar!} … First we hit up the Radio Disney crew.  That was fun.

Radio Disney

A couple of birthday boys chose to opt out of the fun and play it cool on the sidelines.

Radio Disney 2

After that we headed over to the Primate Building.  Then on to the elephants.  K was so excited to get over there because she had brought her sketch pad.  She wanted to draw Zuri, the baby elephant, though I suppose you might call her a toddler by now.  She sat and sketched, I sat and nursed on a separate bench across the exhibit, everyone else wandered on a bit further and I followed once the baby was done.  I had supposed everyone, including K, had moved on.  We had quite the crowd with us. 

Soon after the rhinos our large group split into two.  Half of them had stopped for something to eat without the rest of us realizing it so we thought they had moved on.  I had seen my other two girls with my mom so I knew they were fine.  They were with their cousins and having fun, I was sure.  Anthony and I still had all three boys and my sister was with us.  I kept trying to call my mom and my cousins just to be sure but no one was answering. 

So, long story short, we finally met up at the new exhibit and realized that we had assumed K was with the other group and they had assumed she was with us.  It had been at least 45 minutes since we had seen the elephants. 

Anthony, my dad, and my sister all went to look for her and there she was… still at the elephants… and extremely frustrated.  Not scared, just frustrated.  And rightfully so!  But by golly!!  She did exactly what we’ve always told her to do, STAY IN ONE PLACE! 

And for what it’s worth, she did get to see the trainers feed the elephants and make them do tricks. 

MOM OF THE YEAR AWARD GOES TO…… um, let’s talk about that later.

First let’s look at a few pictures.



NOW we can talk about that award.  No points for me at the zoo but let’s look at the party itself.

The girls and I are taking cake decorating lessons from a fabulous lady in our ward so we took it upon ourselves to make the boys some perfectly boyish, dump truckish dirt cups!

Dump Truck Party

Uum, Brooke, what in the world does that have to do with cake decorating lessons? 

Absolutely nothing except that I was so sick of eating cake at that point that I had to do something different!  And yes, we put candles in the dirt cups.  They totally went with the dump truck!!


Can I have that award yet?  Am I disqualified for not having actual cake? 

The boys were sooo excited when they were finally able to take their new dump truck outside to play in the dirt hill after the party.  (More about why we have a dirt hill soon.)

Birthday Boys

Some fun things about C:

  • Almost always tells me when he needs to go potty, even if he has to go out of his way to find me.  (Just GO, for crying out loud.)
  • Says “Yes, sir” or “Yes, ma’am” if you ask him to do something… except he says, “Yes, Man!” for ma’am. 
  • Has a very specific routine for just about everything.
  • Tells people he loves, “I like you” and has more recently been saying, “I like you and I love you, too.”
  • Laughs hysterically at potty humor (must be a boy thing).
  • Really likes the Ripley’s Believe It or Not book that we have.  “It has a disgusting lady, huh mom.”  (A lady with piercings all over her face)
  • Adores his baby brother and protects him from the tyrant that is B. 
  • Loves when K will play with him.
  • Loves to help in the kitchen when I let him.
  • My favorite recent quote:  Don’t worry (to Baby B), I’m gonna be a daddy soon and you will be a C.
  • Another favorite quote:  I’m gonna go live with Grandma and Grandpa (my parents) because they didn’t get a kid yet.  They need a kid.

Some fun things about B:

  • Still drops the F-bomb when trying to say ‘Look’.
  • Thinks he’s hilarious (sometimes he really is) and will run away laughing hysterically when he’s done something he knows is naughty.
  • Bites the corners of pillows and blankets.  It’s his trademark. 
  • Loves to play pretend and be different people.  His favorite people to be are Dad, Papu (pah-poo… my dad), and Pops (Anthony’s dad). 
  • When pretending to be Papu he is always carrying a ‘Pepsi’ (usually water).  (Seriously, my dad ALWAYS has a Pepsi!)
  • Favorite recent quote:  Mom, what time is it?  (As if the time really means anything to a 3-year old)

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