Sunday, March 24, 2013

Twist Bun {no bobby pins!}

There are so many wonderful websites out there for doing little girls’ hair.  And I love every hairdo I see.  But I am definitely not a hair mom. 

I think my fingers lack the dexterity needed to accomplish all the twisting, turning, braiding, etc… needed for all those fancy hairdos.  Not to mention, it takes me about a year and half just to complete one of those dos.  Um, yeah, just not my thing.  (I do everything slow… just ask my mom.)

But hey, I’ve got the side ponytail, regular ponytail, flip ponytail, pigtails, and the small french braid across the top (headband style) leading into a ponytail down PAT! 

Yep, I can do a mean ponytail!  ;)

I can also do a twist braid and the occasional bun.  But most of the time, as I’ve mentioned before, you wouldn’t even know that we own a brush.


My kids look like ragamuffins quite often.  K’s hair isn’t too bad.  It’s pretty straight so it lays pretty when it’s brushed.  A and H, however (and I should include myself), have some wicked frizzy waves going on.  It doesn’t look too bad on the girls the day of their shower.  The day after is another story.  They can brush it a hundred times and within 20 minutes it looks like they haven’t touched it.  As for me, if I leave my hair alone straight out of a shower I end up looking like a guy…. with long hair.  It’s scary.  Let’s move on.

So, on a whim a couple weeks ago we did this bun in A’s hair for dance. 

Twist Bun top

She has joined K in Jazz class playing “Annie” in their ‘Let’s Go to The Movies’ dance.  I originally just did a simple twist braid but she didn’t like that it whipped her in the face when she did turns so I put it into the bun.  The moms at dance were asking how I did her cute bun.  They couldn’t believe I didn’t have a single bobby pin in it. 

Since that day, both A and H have asked for this hairdo several times.  They think it’s so pretty.  And I am asked just about every time we do it how it was done. 

Let me just tell you… it couldn’t be simpler!  You’ll probably laugh at my ‘attempt’ at doing hair and posting it as a blog entry. 

But here goes nothin’.


First you want to gather all the hair into a regular ponytail.  Then you divide it into two sections, twist them both in the same direction, then twist both pieces together the opposite way.  This creates the twist braid (but you probably already knew that).  Finish it off with a ponytail holder.  Note:  The finished product will look better if you use a much smaller ponytail holder on the end.  I just didn’t have one.

Twist Bun Start

Now take the twist braid and wrap it around the original ponytail, starting at the top and twisting around.  Tuck the end in as well as you can.  Then add another large ponytail holder around the entire bun.  Twist it once and wrap around a second time.  This will secure the bun into place. 

Twist Bun 2

And there you have it!  Fast, easy, and pretty without much fuss at all.  That’s my kind of hairdo! 

Twist Bun Done

Here is H’s twist bun adorned for St. Patrick’s Day.

 Twist Bun



Annisha said...

From one non-hair mom to another... Thanks! I needed that.

MammaNene said...

Really good! I can't wait my daughter's hairs to grow (she's soooo curly, they take a lot of time) for making this bun!!!
Tx for sharing <3

Mindy said...

you take such great pictures! :-) Love the bun tutorial~

alana said...

not a mom, but a big sister who LOVES doing her baby sister's hair for school. unfortunately, L doesn't like having her hair done NEARLY as much as i like doing her hair, but this looks just easy enough that i can send her to school with something nicer than a ponytail that she won't immediately tear out when she gets on the bus. thank you!!