Sunday, March 10, 2013

BYOU Magazine Review & Subscription Giveaway

I was given the opportunity to review a magazine aimed at young girls… tweens, and share my thoughts.  It was a no brainer for me to accept this opportunity when they told me it was a magazine focused on trying to empower young girls and build their confidence in just being themselves.


Young girls seem to have worldly views thrown at them from every direction and it’s so hard in those critical tween years to decipher good from bad.  It’s hard to know when you’re giving in to peer pressure and when you’re standing on your own to feet.  All of it seems to run together. 

I remember those years and wanting so badly to fit in, have more friends, be popular…  I don’t that I could have told you who I was.  Most of my rough times came during the early teen years but I think if I had been confident enough in myself before the teens hit, I could have fared much better. 

Anthony and I try really hard to help our impressionable daughters understand that everyone is different.  Everyone is gifted and carries different talents.  Sometimes those talents are hard to recognize in ourselves.  I think we’ve done an ok job, thus far, at helping our kids recognize their own abilities where they excel but sometimes having an outside source is extremely helpful. 

Enter, BYOU! 


It’s a cute little magazine with some really great stories.  I asked each of the girls what parts they really liked after reading it.  A really liked the Q and A sections.  K liked stories (especially the one with Olivia Holt).  We don’t actually know who she is because I don’t allow much TV.  Sorry to all you Disney lovers… I’m not a huge fan.  However, her story was fun to read.  She was bullied a bit through school but persevered. 

H is still a little young to fully enjoy the magazine.  She was still able to enjoy bits of it here and there.


There are fun little sections on how to run a business, quizzes to take (those were always my favorite part of any magazine growing up), and even a ‘Dear Abby’-ish section.  Questions are answered by two different people so the kids get two different perspectives. 

Now, if I’m being honest (which I am!) I would have to say that the price is a little hefty for my liking.  There are 6 issues per year.  You can check out their website, here for pricing and more info.  But I will say that I enjoy the magazine for what it is intended for… Being YOU!  I think it sends a great message in a way that young girls can really relate to.

Here’s the fun part!!  They are allowing me to give away a 1-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to a reader.  There are plenty of ways to enter.  Good LUCK!

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Dana said...

Looks awesome. Lys looking for inspiration for young ladies.

Mrs. Moreno said...

Love this magazine! Great for tweens!!! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

Mrs. Moreno said...

Also to add- With all the images and the sexual content in music and on T.V. these days, it's a struggle sometimes to remind my daughter that God made her perfect!

Crystal said...

The hardest thing is to enjoy being young at the same time as learning to stand up for what is right.

Crystal said...

That you don't have to be be in a clique and that you can't always fit in and do what's right--that it's better to stand alone than join in