Friday, March 29, 2013

Demolition Men

We moved into this house about 7 years ago. 

In the winter.

Little did we know that the backyard was not covered in luscious, green grass come spring and summer.  Oh no, it was covered in lovely weeds. 

Anthony tried his hardest to keep the ‘lawn’ mowed and looking nice.  Well, as nice as trimmed weeds can look.  I mean, there’s only so much you can do. 

The plan was to put grass in ‘next summer’.  That was the plan….. every summer!

Um, yeah.  Next summer never came.  We just kept trying to keep it looking… reasonable.  But it wasn’t.  It just became a giant potty pad for the dog.  Landmines… everywhere.  Until now. 


One day, very soon, my kids will have a real yard to play in.  They might actually prefer the backyard to the front. 

A couple weeks ago we rented a tractor.  Is it a tractor?  A contraption of some sort anyway. 

Backyard 1

Good thing I wasn’t in charge of it.  I don’t even know what it is.  All I know is that 1) Anthony gutted the entire yard, 2) the boys thought they were in some sort of heaven with that thing here, and 3) we have been waiting for an opportunity to get rid of that stupid shed for YEARS.  We never used it, it was full of the previous owner’s garbage, and I wouldn’t have been surprised if there was a dead cat or two in there.  Plus the roof may as well have not been there at all.  The hole in it was about the size of a giant beach ball.  A highly effective piece of tin that shed was.

Backyard 2

Doesn’t my Afony look hot from behind?  {Mom, don’t read this!} He looks good from the front, too but seriously…

This is how the kids watched much of the action.

Watching from the window

Even Moe got excited about his new play area.  {Have I ever introduced you to Moe?  I think not.}  Blogland, this is Moe. 

Backyard 7

He’s our doofus.  But we love him.  Except when he gets into the garbage and chews up diapers.  Or when he darts out the front door because the kids left him an opportunity to do so.  Luckily, his bad hips have slowed him down enough in the past several months that K is able to catch up with him so he doesn’t end up running the neighborhood.  Or at the pound.

This is the boys… in Seventh Heaven!  They were devastated when we had to take it back the next day.  Every day since, C has asks when we’re going to buy our own.

Backyard 3

Backyard 6

I can’t tell you how excited we all are at the thought of an actual yard.  One that we can play in and entertain in.  What will we do with ourselves?  Guess I better add ‘Doody Duty’ to the chore list, eh? ;)

Backyard 4


Deck railing coming this summer, too.  Now if only we could afford a new fence between us and the back door neighbor.  He hates us!  (Actually, he hates Moe.)  UGH!

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