Monday, March 4, 2013

New Beginnings

Why does the title look misspelled?  Beginnings… hmm, I guess that’s right.  Spell check knows all.  ;)

K was invited to New Beginnings at church.

NEW BEGINNINGS!!  Do you know what this means?  I’m OLD!  It also means that K will be 12 this year and entering Young Women’s. 

So weird.  (I swear I was just entering Young Women’s a year or two ago. :/)

Anthony and I were invited (as were all the other parents).  It was so fun to see K be presented with a crown and beads.  The theme was ‘royalty’.  We are all royalty in God’s eyes.  We are his princesses.  There were a couple of talks given and they were powerful.  Integrity and Virtue…. what are they and how do we apply them to our lives and our character. 

The program was short and simple. 

K with the other two girls being welcomed this year.  One of them is her best friend, on the right.

New YW

And this is the other best friend.  They can’t wait to join her in YW. 

Best Friends

You can’t tell from the picture since they are sitting down but they are both significantly taller than K.  She’s not short, just average.  They just happen to be super tall!

I’m pretty sure I look amazing in this one.  Do you love the bunched up skin on my neck/cheek?  Me too.

YW silly

We were supposed to do a silly one first then we BOTH would kiss her on the cheek in the next one.  Anthony totally ruined it!  The punk!  :)  K is absolutely embarrassed about this picture.  Don’t tell her I used it… she’ll be mortified.  **Enter evil laugh**

We’re both so stinkin’ proud of the beautiful young woman that K is becoming.  She is talented beyond measure and knows how to make anyone feel loved and needed.  She’s a shining example of how to be a real friend. 

Keep it up, K!  We sure love you!!

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