Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kebab, anyone?

So, what do you do when dinner isn't planned out and it's 5:30 already?  Spaghetti, right?  Oh wait, that was tonight... but last night we were in this exact predicament. 

Hmm, what should we have?  I had two chicken breasts, a small container of cherry tomatoes and one green pepper.  KEBABS, of course! 

To be honest, Anthony and I have never made these before.  The only thing I know is that you take meat, a bunch of veggies and fruit.  The only fruit I could think to use was pineapple.  I was out of the canned chunks but had some canned sliced pineapple.  Voila! 

Ok, so maybe in a perfect world we would have had more options (maybe some mushrooms, olives, steak, onions, etc.) but this worked great in a pinch.  We used what we had and loved them! 

Forgive the pictures... remember I'm using Anthony's phone while my camera is somewhere in California being serviced 'under warranty'.  We'll see.  My guess is they come back and say that I did something to it.  I didn't, but I'm guessing they'll say so. 

The best part?  Completely CLEAN!!! and delicious, of course.

Oh crap!  I just remember that I was going to post the Sour Cream Chocolate Cake. 

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