Sunday, May 29, 2011

Soda Pop Can Hair Bows & Felt Hair Bows

Update:  I seem to be getting a lot of hits on this post and I'm guessing that it's because people want to know how to make the soda can bows.  Sorry this isn't a tutorial but I just decided to start a new blog with Wordpress (and can I just say I'm soooo lost... WP is way too complicated) and I've posted a tutorial there.  Here's the link.  I hope you'll follow me on that blog even though there's not much there yet.  Big plans I tell ya, I've just got to figure out how Wordpress works!  Any advice?  Leave a comment to let me know that you stopped by. 

I've been searching for a way to make some extra money since my girls really want to take dance lessons, gymnastics, soccer, swimming, karate and whole plethora of other things.  Well, Anthony and I aren't rich by any means.  Putting even just one kid in any one of these activities would be a stretch for us.  So, we have to get creative in order to make at least one activity a possibility for the girls. 

I'm not really the crafty type no matter how badly I want to be but I have a friend that mentioned on her blog that she had been making soda can hair bows to raise money for her son to get to science camp.  I think it was science camp anyway.  She made enough for him get there and I asked her for the 'recipe' to make such a thing out of a soda can.  Did you know it was even possible?  I didn't!  I thought the edges would be sharp and dangerous.  Surprisingly, they're not! 

My friend was kind enough to share her expertise in such bow making... funny that she thought to make those because she's a mom of five boys.  No girls in that house, except her of course. 

Anyway, they have been so fun to make and since we're trying to get the girls in dance lessons, I've decided to share them here on my blog in case YOU want to buy any. 

Not only those, but K has been hard at work making felt hairbows as well.  She is hoping to help in the effort to make some $$ in order to make it possible to get dancing! 

So, here's an example of our creations.  Soda can bows are $4 and the felt ones are $2.  Let me know if you are interested by either leaving a comment with contact info or you can contact me at babblinbrooke 22 at gmail dot com  (no spaces of course).

 All of the cans I have are donated so I don't always have the colors/brands you may be looking for.  I can send you a list of what I do have on hand or you can choose from the bows that are ready made. 

These are K's felt bows.  You can choose colors/patterns or choose from ready made bows. 

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LeShel said...

seriously so cute! love the colors