Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Serpent Beguiled Me!

I start this post with a long, heavy sigh.  **Siiiiiiiiiggghhh**

I'm so disappointed in myself!  In all the years I've been a mother, I have prided myself on the fact that none of my kids have ever had a sunburn.  Not possible you say?  Ok, well if I'm being honest, you're right.  They've each had slightly pinked cheeks at least a few times each summer but I'm talking about RED sunburns.  The ones that really hurt when you try to smile or even talk.  Growing up I had plenty of them!  But my kids, for the most part are usually protected with a thick layer of sunscreen.  I'm the sunscreen queen. 

Go sunscreen!! 

Today, however, as we all hurriedly scrambled to get ready for the Family Fiesta that was taking place for K and A's Liberty Girls group, I failed to remember ahead of time to rub the kids faces and arms with sunscreen.  I did manage to remember that I had forgotten (is that an oxymoron?) so I grabbed the sunscreen on our way out and threw it into the diaper bag, which is actually a backpack but that's irrelevant.  Sorry. 

So anyway, I had planned to put it on once we got to the leader's home where the fiesta was being held. 

Once there, we got out of the car and it was surprisingly chilly (for a moment there I couldn't remember how to spell chilly *chili*, *chile*, *chillie*... WOW!) and it was overcast.  You see the problem?  Overcast and chill are the culprits!  Serpents, if you will. 

We had a wonderful time at this said fiesta and got to watch K and A perform their little Mexican dance with their big, long skirts, which will be forever adored I'm sure and eat some Mexican food.  And there in the middle of all of this was my fair-skinned little B.  Poor baby!  A couple hours after the shindig, I realized he was flushed.  Sadly, it was not flushing cheeks, it was a BURN... his poor little face got FRIED!  His arms were slightly pinked but nothing major.  But his poor little face... 

Dang you SERPENT!!  Grrrr!!

And guess what, I will never hear the end of this!  This is exactly what I always chastised Anthony about when he worked construction. 

Me:  "Uuuuummmm, you're really red!  Did you forget to wear sunscreen today... again?"

Anthony:  "Oh, yeah I guess so.  Sorry.  But it was cloudy and cold so I didn't even think I needed any."

Me:  "You can still get burned with cloudy skies.  You know you're gonna get skin cancer someday and I'm not gonna be happy with you.  Or maybe we'll end up like the people who smoke.  You're the smoker and I'll end up getting skin cancer even though I protect myself."

Anthony:  **eye roll** "Oh brother."

Needless to say, I have been teased all evening about this.  I let a kid get fried once and I'll never hear the end of it.  Never again I say!  Never again. 

I'll be posting pics of the fiesta (and B's poor little face) tomorrow.  Right now I'm going to watch a movie. ;)

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