Monday, May 9, 2011

my thoughts at church on Mother's Day

  • Hmmm, every woman seems to be wearing a yarn lei with a tag attached.  Did I miss something? 
  • Lots of babies were born in our ward during March and April, most of them being boys.
  • Cute as the baby boys are, a couple with a brand new baby girl sat right in front of us and my heart fluttered!  I want another baby girl.
  • I realize that now is NOT the time to be thinking about having another baby.  But, oh just look at the cute little bows and headbands they have for baby girls these days!  When I was having girls, the 'in' thing was still the skinny band with the little tiny bow.  Maybe someday I'll get to use the big chunky band with a big ol' flower that's bigger than my baby's head. 
  • By the time I have another girl, the 'in' thing might be the skinny ones again.  I better hurry!
  • My girls are so cute up there on the stand singing to me.  Makes my eyes water every time!
  • C is being awfully cute watching his sissies up there on the stand.  Speaking of, why in the world is he being so good?  Hmmm... something's up.
  • That was nice of them (the family behind us) to share their goldfish crackers with C.
  • WOW!  We made it through sacrament without having to take C out at all, except the one time when he needed to go potty.  It's a miracle!!!!  Next is nursery.  Not expecting this goodness to last through that!
  • SHOCKER!  He went to nursery without throwing a fit! 
  • Too bad I wasn't better prepared for my lesson today.  Went a little short. 
  • Church is almost over and we've not had any problems arise with C.  It really is a happy Mother's Day. 
  • Oh good, I finally get my lei (after church). 
Later today I'll post a pic or two of my Mother's Day gifts and such.  Have to wait til Anthony's home with his phone. 

OH!  Guess what!!  I will be getting my camera back TOMORROW.  Yippee!!  No more 'lens error'.  I love warranties.

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