Monday, August 13, 2012

And Dinosaurs Say ROAR!

This kid…

Dinosaurs say ROAR

Oh man he is so hard for me!  He pushes every button that I didn’t even know I had.  Some days I really just want to pull my hair out because of him.  I know I’ve said it before and I’m about to say it again:  I am more than positive that he had ADHD even without an official diagnosis. 

But despite the fact that he is bouncing off the walls for the better part of every moment that he’s awake, I sure do love him!  He has the sweetest way of saying little things like, “Mom, I sure like you.”  And when I respond with, “I LOVE you!” he gets offended.  Then I say, “I like you, too,”  he’s happy as a peach. 

Another of my favorite C sayings is, “Mom (or Dad), you’ll always be my friend.”  This is always said as he’s latching onto my (or Anthony’s) arm, squeezing with all his might.  It’s an arm hug, I suppose. 

One thing C does almost every single, solitary day without fail (ALMOST!) is call my mom for a chat.  It always goes something like this…

Grandma:  Hello?

C:  Are you Grandma?

Grandma:  Yes, is this C?

C:  **giggle** Yeah.  Can you come over my house?

Grandma:  I’m at work right now.  But I’ll be over on Friday (or whatever day she plans to be here).

C:  Ok, do you have gum?

Grandma:  **answers accordingly**

C:  Ok.  Bye Grandma!

After which he proceeds to tell me all about his conversation with Grandma.  Such a funny little guy!

But the real reason that I’m writing this particular post is because I do NOT want to forget his very first Primary talk.  When he was asked we thought it would be a lost cause.  We thought there was no way he would get up in front of everyone and give a talk. 

Umm, hello!  This is crazy microphone boy we’re talking about. 

Anthony and I had both left our classes (Priesthood and Relief Society) early… Anthony so he could help C with his talk and myself because I wanted to hear it.  It was so cute to watch C walk up to the microphone holding Daddy’s hand.  He even looked shy for half a second and then…

“Okay!  **Some weird C-isms that no one understood** … and dinosaurs say ROAR!” 

He was as confident as could be.  And loud.  Everyone laughed!

At that point Anthony whispered his talk into his ear, one line at a time and he recited them perfectly. 


Just needed it documented. 



Cari said...

That's so cute! It's those sweet times that make it all worth the crazy frustrating times like when they carve their name on the front of your car or smoosh watermelon all over the house...

Kristin said...

That is a victory! You're a good mom, especially to that sweet little boy with lots of energy! :) I miss seeing him (and you all!) at church.

Kay Maynard said...

I thought he did great!!! He is a sweet boy with a lot of energy, but he is also very smart!! Looking forward to the primary program and his adventures in speaking on the microphone in the chapel!! I know he will LOVE that!!