Thursday, August 23, 2012

Homeschool, according to us!

Anthony and I hosted a Homeschool Workshop last week for a few friends and family that were interested in learning more. 

We’re not experts.  Let me just put that out there right up front.  We are NOT experts by any means but we are asked a lot of questions so we figured it would be fun to answer them all at once in a group setting. 

I invited anyone in my ward that might be interested.  What I wasn’t expecting was to have a former (retired) teacher show up.  I assume she was just curious and wanted to know more about homeschooling and what it might look like in our crazy home.  Her presence made both Anthony and I just a little uncomfortable only because I know at one point she wasn’t too keen on the whole idea.  And trust me, I knew when we said something she didn’t like or didn’t agree with because I could see it written all over her face and body language. 

But don’t get me wrong.  She’s a very sweet lady and she’s actually given us a TON of stuff to use in our homeschool.  She was getting rid of all her old teaching supplies.  Score for us! 

Anyway, I thought maybe some of you might like to know more about our reasons for homeschooling and the way it is done in our home.  I’ve written a little bit about our reason here and here but this time I’m going to go over some Frequently Asked Questions (the questions we hear all the time) and cover some things I didn’t go over in my last two rants about homeschooling.  (Part 1 and Part 2)  There were a couple things we just didn’t have time for in the workshop either so this will be done in a series of posts over the next couple of weeks or so. 

But first I’d like to know if there are any questions that YOU have so I can make sure and cover them as I go.  Even as a current homeschooler I find myself asking questions of others so don’t be embarrassed if you already homeschool. 

And please note that as we go, many of the answers to the questions I will go over are our OPINIONS!!  This does not make it right… or wrong.  It’s just the way that we feel.  And yes, we do have some pretty strong opinions… which may be why the former school teacher didn’t particularly enjoy all aspects of our workshop.  But hey, she’s entitled to her opinion just like I am entitled to mine.  :)

So, ask away! 


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Kristin said...

I wish I knew which retired/former teacher you are talking about... I guess that's what curiosity does to you! ;) If it makes you feel any better, I sometimes had older teachers in my classroom and I could tell that they would shift uncomfortably when I would do or say something that didn't sit well with them. We all have our own style! And methods. And everything else. No matter where your teaching takes place. :)