Saturday, August 18, 2012

Runnin’ Fools!

It’s been said that children tend to follow in the footsteps of the parent with the same gender.  They look up to that parent as the role model and emulate traits that he/she has.  And it comes naturally.  No one has to tell the child which parent they should pattern after. 

I absolutely agree! 

And I’ve also heard it said that all of the above is true… EXCEPT when it comes to fitness and physical activity.  I really like Dr. Phil and I remember him saying once that when it comes to that aspect, children tend to follow the activity level of the FATHER! 

Maybe I wasn’t completely sold on that one.  Until now! 

My kids are turning into running machines and it all started when Anthony began running last year.  Ever since then, the girls have gone on a few shorter training runs with him (I say short but for me they would be long runs… 2 miles… that’s long when you’re a Brooke ;)) and have all loved it.  But over the summer little K had nothing going on in the way of dance.  Dance was taking a break and the other two girls were doing gymnastics.  So, Anthony and K decided to use the summer as a training for K and celebrate the end of summer with a 10K race. 

That’s 6.2 miles!!!!  My little K couldn’t possibly….

But she did!  Today, in fact!  Her fastest mile is quicker than any mile I’ve EVER done. 

Alright, I admit that’s not hard to beat but still, she’s only 10. 

Well, we all woke up a little earlier than usual to make sure we were there at the end of her race to cheer her on and congratulate her.  Poor K had to wake up at 5:00 am (ick!) to get ready and make it to the bus that shuttles them up to the start line. 

A and H had made cute little signs.

10K 1

Grandma and Grandpa (my parents) met us up there as well. 

Once we could see Anthony and K rounding the corner to head to the finish line I have to admit that I got a little teary eyed.  It’s a race for cryin’ out loud!  Moms aren’t supposed to cry!  I was just so stinkin’ proud of her for accomplishing something she had worked so hard for.  What an accomplishment!

10K 2

10K 3

10K 4

10K 5

And on top of that she received a belt buckle for being first place in her division and another award for being the youngest participant.  She came in 34th overall which I thought was pretty darn good being her first race and all.

10K 11 

And do you know what she said when she was done?  “Next year I want to do the half-marathon!” 


And she can’t wait to be 14 so she can run a full marathon.  I think I gave birth to a NUT!  

10K 6

10K 7

10K 8

10K 9

Anthony is determined to one day make the Logan to Jackson Hole Relay a family event so I guess K is just right on track to be the first recruit.  This relay was run last weekend by Anthony and a whole bunch of other running psycho crazies!  A few people in the ward and some family members of one of the guys along with Anthony’s sister were all on the team ‘No Charge for Awesomeness’. 

Logan, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming!!  200 miles!!

I was able to ride up with a couple of the wives to meet up with the runners at the end.  It was such a fun little road trip!  I got to know them a little bit better and we laughed… a lot!  My favorite part was when we all had to use the restroom going through this teeny tiny town called… well, who knows… but the only place that we could find was a bar.  I swear the rest of it was like a ghost town!  So we peed… in a bar.  I think the owner was offended that we didn’t buy a drink ;).  I’m pregnant!!  I can’t drink!  Well, that and I wouldn’t do it anyway.  The end. 

So anyway, we got to the finish JUST before the team did.  Whew!!  That was close! 

Epic 1

**Umm, shouldn’t you be writhing on the ground in pain and agony?  Why are you jumping!?  200 miles couldn’t have been ‘FUN’!  Not possible.**

Epic 2

Epic 3

Epic 5

Oh, and today (the 18th, same day as K’s race) was our anniversary.  12 years!!  We celebrated by being there for K’s race, took naps, Anthony went to the temple, we put the kids to bed, then we enjoyed ourselves a root beer float. 

We’re broke!  What can I say?  But it was still a great day! 

12 YEARS!!  GO US!  I love you Mr. Head!




LeShel said...

SHE ROCKS!! That is so absolutely awesome. I'm seriously impressed. I can't wait to hear about her half-marathon.

Congrats on your anniversary. Kjel and I have decided that to celebrate our 20 (in a couple years) we're going to do dinner AND a movie. I think 20 years is worthy of a real celebration like that...

And, your prego belly is adorable. You look fantastic.

Kristin said...

That last picture of you two is so cute! I love the running pictures too. Go K! Our anniversaries are very similar-- pretty low budget but good enough for us! ;)