Sunday, August 5, 2012

Woodrow for President–Book Review

Once again I was asked to do a review for TLC Book Tours.  I figured we liked the last book so much, why not? 

This time we got to review Woodrow for President.  It’s about a mouse nation and Woodrow Washingtail who runs for President. 


What a darling way to present the process of how candidates become candidates, how the different parties choose their delegates, and just the entire process of how a President is chosen.  But my favorite part is that throughout the fun, poetic charm of the text it is repeatedly talking about how it is our duty and responsibility to vote.  And not only that but become educated about the candidates and their different positions.

At the end there is even a contract for both the parents and the children to sign pledging that you will uphold your duty to your country by taking part in the voting process.  (I must admit that I have never voted… EVER!  I’ve never felt educated enough about the delegates or their stances to vote.  But after reading this book I’m feeling more of a sense of pride and obligation to find out these things and make my vote.)

It’s very similar to the last review I did in the sense that the main character is a mouse and the fact that it’s written in the fun poetic way.  There’s even a ‘spy mouse’ to find in each image.  Kind of the Where’s Waldo thing again which the kids love.  This time, however, there were no similarities to real life events or characters.  They were all fictional and yet it got the point across very well.

I’m so glad that we were able to review this book!  Highly recommended! 


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