Monday, August 6, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Days 2, 3, & 4

It probably looks as though I completely abandoned the Pinterest Challenge since I posted day 1 and then never posted again… until now.  Here it is, DAY 6, and I’m tripling up on my post.  Day 5 is coming but it’s a recipe so I didn’t want it in this post.  And Day 6 is still in the process so… it’s coming later. 

For Day 2 of the challenge I decided to read an article about Parenting Your Strong Willed Child.  I won’t name names here but let’s just say that I’ve got myself a couple of those children.  One that starts with an A and another with a C ;). 

Whoops!  Did I give it away? 

That article really had some great advice.  What I got out of it more than anything is that I need to give them more choices.  Sometimes I am overbearing in the fact that I think I know what’s right for my child at any given point and I feel that making them do something that they don’t want to do is in their best interest.  After reading the article, and also a book called Parenting With Love & Logic, I realize that I am not doing them any favors by parenting in this fashion.  If it’s cold outside and I think they need a jacket but they don’t want one… what’s the harm in letting them figure it out on their own?  I’m creating rebels doing it my way!  

Day 3 was the good ol’ GUNK around the faucets of the sinks.  Who knew that vinegar was a such a powerful cleaner?  I’m sure I’m not the LAST one to figure this out… right?  I’m a little embarrassed to show you what my faucet in my bathroom looked like before.  But in all fairness I have tried almost everything I could possibly think of to get rid of that nasty hard water, dirty gunk that builds up between where the water comes out and the handles.  And around the base of the faucet as well.  Not even an old toothbrush after letting cleaner soak it would do much. 

Then I pinned something to my Chores and Such board on Pinterest that said soaking paper towels in vinegar, wrapping it around the gunky parts, and letting it sit for ONE HOUR would do the trick.  Hmm… I wasn’t so sure. 

Since we were out of paper towels (because we are ALWAYS out of paper towels) I just soaked a rag. 

And 45 minutes later (because I’m too impatient to wait another 15 minutes… TORTURE!) this is what my faucet looked like after wiping only one side.  I mean, I know it’s gross but you HAD to see the before and after in order to fully appreciate the after, right?  Just don’t look too hard… EW! 

Vinegar to Remove Gunk

It doesn’t get much cheaper than vinegar and the fact that it’s completely natural and safe is a winner in my book!

Original Source:  HERE!

Day 4 was another article from my Parenting board.  This one wasn’t nearly as great as the one I linked to above.  I didn’t really feel that I learned anything new.  Maybe a reminder here and there but nothing that really grabbed me.  Yelling is one of my weakest points and I need to learn to control it.  Patience… NOT one of my virtues.  Somehow I got skipped on that one.  **Sigh**



Kristin said...

Yay! I'm glad you are continuing with the challenge, and I love the before and after photo! Vinegar is amazing. And cheap. I'm glad it worked for you. And I should consider reading some articles from Pinterest. There are some good things out there!

Cari said...

I have one of those strong willed children too- choices work wonders! I love Love & Logic and just checked out a bunch of their cd's & dvd's from the library- had no idea you could do that! I highly recommend the Toddlers & Preschoolers CD- it is targeted to those younger rebels and is much more helpful for me- wish I had it before my first child! It's totally going to be my new baby shower gift.

And wow- who knew vinegar could do that? I move out of my townhome in 2 weeks and am totally going to do that to my sinks- will save so much manpower. Thanks!