Friday, August 24, 2012

My Sweet Little Man

Before I launch into the first of (probably many) homeschooling posts, I have to document the happenings of this little guy.


I know it’s not the greatest picture of this little stink, what with crumbs all over his face and all but gosh darnit!!  He’s still just the cutest little thing!  He’s at one of my favorite ages where he’s trying to say new things, trying to put sentences together, and just figuring out how to be the cutest little stinker around.  It just has to be documented or I’ll forget it. 

So, in no particular order, here are a few of my favorite things that he says or does:

  • First and foremost… the F BOMB!  That’s right, he says the biggest, baddest cuss word of all.  And we laugh every time.  You would laugh too if you heard it because although it sounds like the F bomb to everyone else, I know that he’s really saying, “Look!”  It always sounds something like, “F***, Mom!”  And it doesn’t matter how hard I try to correct it, it still comes out naughty.  Recently it has started to sound a little more like, “Fook”… rhymes with Look.  So that’s happy!
  • He calls dinosaurs, “Rrawr”. 
  • His favorite movie is Toy Story and wouldn’t you know, Buzz Lightyear is his favorite character.  He calls him ‘Buzz *pause* Er’  and Woody is ‘Oody’ (rhymes with Foodie), and Jessie is ‘Jessies’.  B is always walking around pretending he has a laser on his arm just like Buzz.  And we have to tell him he ‘can’t fly’ when he’s wearing the Buzz costume we have that is 3 sizes too big.  Then he gets up on the fireplace ledge thing (what is that called anyway?) and jumps off to prove that he can, in fact, fly!
  • B’s belly is also a baby… just like mom’s.
  • He’s learning to fight with his big brother.  C is very aggressive towards B sometimes and B is finally learning to defend himself.  Is it bad that I’m ok with that to a certain extent?  However, lately he has resorted to biting C… which I am NOT ok with. 
  • “Owsh” … that’s his word for shower
  • “Oosh”… shoes
  • “Choo choo”… train
  • B will walk into a room and say, “Dooo – een?”  That’s his way of asking, ‘What are you doing?’
  • When asked what he is doing, his answer is always the same… ‘Farting!’  I believe this is because a few weeks ago we were at an ice cream place for my mom’s birthday.  B got a funny look on his face at one point and started (excuse the bluntness) pooping.  My mom asked him what he was doing and he said, “Farting!”  We all laughed really hard.  He got a reaction so that’s his answer every time now.
  • B is very sensitive when it comes to others feelings.  If he sees someone crying he always asks if they are ok.  “Ok?” as he is nodding his head.
  • This kid is a jokester!  He loves to laugh and he loves to make other people laugh.  He’s always doing silly things trying to get people to laugh. 
  • Pillow biter!  This one is so cute and yet it drives me NUTS!  He’s always been a biter… ever since I first started nursing him on day one!  The reason I quit nursing him was because he had teeth and he bit me so hard that I bled… TWICE!  And not just a little bit, a LOT!  That was only with 2 bottom teeth.  I knew once he got the top ones in I might end up without a nipple!  (Sorry, TMI, I know).  He’s always fallen asleep with something in his mouth from the time he was teeny tiny.  Usually a wad of blanket.  Now he sees the corners of pillows as chew toys.  His own pillow and a couple of mine and Anthony’s are now crusty hard from him chewing on them.  And yes, I’ve washed them but they’re still crusty.  And he just keeps chewing.  Silly boy. 
  • “Ups”… straw (I have no idea how he got ‘ups’ out of straw)
  • He is a momma’s boy.  Though he idolizes his daddy also. 
  • “Beep-ee-you” … Grandma (my mom)
  • “Pops” … Grandpa (Anthony’s dad)
  • “Hen” … C

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