Thursday, August 16, 2012

Millie Fierce!–Book Review

It’s book review time again!  This one is NOT about a mouse ;). 

This time we received Millie Fierce by Jane Manning. 


It’s about a little girl who is quiet, mindful, and almost invisible.  She always receives the smallest piece of cake at birthday parties and is hardly noticed at all during show and tell at school or anywhere else for that matter.  Until one day, some girls from school walk across her sidewalk drawing and smudge it. 

THAT is when Millie becomes fierce!! 

And everyone around her notices.  She is loud, rude, trouble-making, and mean!  She likes the attention.  Finally they all start to ignore her and then Millie feels bad.  This is when she realizes that she enjoys being nice far better than being fierce. 

Cute book, really and there is a message there though I didn’t feel it was quite as bold as it could have been.  Maybe I would have liked to have seen more details, maybe I could have known a little more about Millie.  I think it’s definitely targeted to a younger audience, maybe 4-6 years old.  My girls liked it but thought it to be a little young for them. 

I really appreciate TLC Book Tours allowing me to review this book. 


Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Thanks for being on the tour!

Jane Manning, author of Millie Fierce, on tour August 2012 | TLC Book Tours said...

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