Friday, July 8, 2011

Ice Cream Man

I know my last post had this same picture in it but it reminded me of something and I just have to tell the story.

We've lived in this home for about 5 1/2 years now.  That's not really all that relevant but, stay with me.  K was only 4 at the time and still had no idea who or what the ice cream man was.  Summertime came, the jack-in-the-box music would play and I didn't have to provide any explanation as to what the music was for.  To her, it was just a van that drove down the street playing music. 

The following year, however, I got all excited to introduce her (along with A and H) to the fun that is the ice cream man.  Every kid has to experience that thrill of running out into the middle of the road to stop the ice cream man and get a refreshing, cold treat on a hot summer day.  Wouldn't you agree?  I thought so.

Well, as summertime rolled around, we explained to K what the music really meant, we would listen intently for the music, and every time... every. stinkin'. time... he would turn before he came by our house.  

You have to understand, on either side of us spanning about 3 houses away and across the street (does that even make any sense?) there is a road leading around in a U shape.  Hmmm, I'm trying to decide if anyone will even understand that.  Not sure how else to explain it so, we're gonna go with it.  

Anyway, the ice cream man would never come by our house.  And by the time we would hear him, he would have turned already and have would come out of that neck of the woods a couple blocks away.  Poor little K was so frustrated.  She just wanted an ice cream! 

Finally, Anthony decided to take it upon himself to chase the guy down in his big, bad black truck.  Really, it was huge.  We called it "The Pearl" because he was really into Pirates of the Caribbean.  Wait!  Did I say 'was'?  IS, I meant is. 

Where were we?  Oh yes, he was about to chase the guy down. 

So, he gets in his truck, and lo and behold, here comes the ice cream man in his musical van with Anthony following close behind.  A bit embarrassing, maybe.  But I tell you, those girls could not have been happier.  In fact, I think I need to find those pictures and post them here.  When I find them, I will. 

But that ice cream man, from then on, would NOT leave us alone.  He would literally come by just about every day and stop in front of my house... STOP... in front of my house, with the music playing. 

We only need you once in a while, not every stinkin' day, sir!  I mean, seriously.  We aren't made of money!  Besides, it's difficult when you like to come either at bedtime or on Sunday.  Neither of which works for us.  But thanks for making my kids cry when we tell them no because you're practically ON OUR FRONT PORCH! 

It got a little annoying and we had to ask him to only stop once a week. 

So funny to think that we had such a hard time getting him to stop in the first place and then we couldn't get him to leave.


Anita @ Cedar Hill said...

Hey Brooke, great job on the blog!!! Welcome to the blogisphere. I love your header. Is that your photography? Very funny story.

Brooke said...

Anita, no this is not my photography. This is actually the default header and I absolutely hate it! Actually, I am going to be finding a blog designer very shortly to help me out. I don't know enough about Wordpress or blog design to do it myself. Thanks for checking it out!

Maggie said...

How funny! I used to tell the kids that wasn't the ice cream man, but the fish man. My daughter was 3 and my son was 1. I was making fish one night and worried that I didn't have enough since some friends were stopping by at dinner time last minute. I was trying to figure out what to do and my daughter heard the music. Being the sweet helpful girl she USED to be, she went to get more fish. I noticed her standing there with her hands on her hips glaring at me. Whaat?! She said "That IS the ice cream man Mommy!" Darn guy ratted me out. What comes around goes around though. I heard her telling her baby sister it was the fish man the other day. She just looked at me and smiled. Love your blog! You need a follow button though! I would definitely be one of your followers!

Brooke said...

That is hilarious. The fish man... Love it! I DID have a follow button and it seems to have disappeared. I'll get right on that!