Wednesday, July 20, 2011

There are just some things a mom shouldn't have to do...

Under normal circumstances I absolutely refuse to take C with me just about anywhere if I also have to take the baby.  I say baby but he's really not a baby anymore.  He's HUGE!  And he's doing big boy things.  But right now we're talking about C, not B.

Anyway, during the summer, Anthony usually goes to the lake with some buddies of his once a week.  Some years it ends up being every Tuesday, last year it was every Thursday and this year it falls every Wednesday.  Just depends on when John {the buddy that actually owns a boat} can go.  Everyone else works around his schedule.  Well, it just so happens that Wednesday is the day that H has dance lessons.

This means that I get to drag all the kids {minus one because one of them usually goes with Anthony to the lake} with me to dance class.

What a feat!

I can handle K, A, H, and B just about anywhere we go.  HECK!  I even dare take all four of them somewhere all. by. myself!  ALL BY MYSELF!  Yes, I take pride in that.

But that C... I tell you what, he is the equivalent of at least three rambunctious boys.  No joke!  Ask anyone that knows him.  I've always heard that boys are rowdy and can get out of hand but the same people that said that to me when he was first born now say things like, "Holy cow!  My boys were NEVER that rambunctious!"

Is it ADHD?  I just don't know.

Well, today at dance class, he was everywhere!  Wouldn't sit still to save his life.  I was practically pulling my hair out by the end of that hour.  I swear that hour lasted two hours too long.  Is that possible?

By the time H was out of class, I had had quite enough of hanging out in the foyer in which C thought the stairs were a playground.  He was climbing the outside of them.  It's a free standing staircase.  No walls against it, make sense?  And then he kept trying to climb the BRICK pillars in the foyer area.  UGH!

As I tried to get him to leave, I grabbed him from behind off the brick pillar while having A hold onto B.  {A's a tiny gal so B is quite a load for her.}

Well, at that point, C turned around, screaming and grabbed my glasses off my face, kicked me, hit me and tried to scratch me.  I say 'tried' because the kid has absolutely no nails to scratch with.  He bites them down to nothin'... sometimes they bleed!  Anyway, all of this is going on as people are walking by and watching.  I'm sure it was a pretty scene.

Meanwhile, poor little A has to carry {practically drag) B to the car while I lug his screaming, tantrum-throwing brother out.  As we got to the car, I told C that he would not be able to participate in our Fudge making and that he was going straight to bed when we got home.

Normally, at least with all three girls, I never ever used bed as a punishment.  I always heard that it's not a good idea and the 'time out' method always worked perfectly for them.  C, however, is another story.  Time outs are a great time to spit on the floor or pee on the floor.  We get much better results with the bed thing.

So, straight to bed he went!  The other kids and I made our fudge and had a great time.

An hour and a half later, I let him come out for a cup of milk and some applesauce.  He was very apologetic and tried to convince me that he needed a treat.  Ha!  Treat?  I don't think so....

As I was saying... there are just some things that a mom shouldn't have to do.  Taking a 3-year-old to his sister's dance class is one of them.

I told Anthony he's "NEVER DOING THIS TO ME AGAIN!!"  I even cried.  Not that it was his fault, he just can't go boating... ever, EVER again!  EVER!  ;)

I should have known what I was in for when he woke up from his nap looking like this!

And yes, he is completely, stark naked... and we still can't find the marker.


LeShel said...

He is a super cutie. I'm guessing if there weren't people standing around giving dirty looks (I'm going to assume this was going on, due to my own experiences) most of what he was doing was probably okay. Boys definitly have a ton of life in them. Some have more than others and are seriously exhausting. I have at least one of these exhausting boys. It's a good thing he's cute and can reel me in with his smile. Stink.

Brooke said...

Oh, it's true! If he weren't so stinkin' cute he'd be in major trouble! Good to know I'm not the only one with a difficult boy. I just hope this isn't a sign of the trouble he'll get into as a teenager. Scary!

Sharlee said...

Oh Brooke! I have a feeling I will be coming to you for advice as J gets older. Thanks for posting. I think C is AWESOME!!

doreen said...

My son had me pulling my hair out for years. Just reading I was brought back to bringing him to dance classes with his sisters. He cursed; Gog help me he was awful. If he wasn't so cute I do not know what may have become of him.
He just turned 32. He has an 11 year old daughter and a 7 year old son that is him reincarnated. I chuckle often. That is my right as a grandparent. he and his wife also just adopted a 3 and 17 month old. He is an amazing Dad. Just trying to let you know there is hope...patience is the key.

Grace B. said...

That sounds like C. I just hope he turns out like Doreen's son. ;)

Jamie said...

Thank you for shareing this story. I have 2 active sons and enjoy hearing other peoples stories. I especially like the ending when you found him with marker all over(reminded me of my son) and couldnt find the pen. LoL!