Saturday, July 9, 2011

Insight, anyone?

Alright!  I'll admit it...

I have NO clue what I'm doing.  This blog is ugly at the moment (changing that VERY soon... hiring someone), and I can't get Google Friend Connect to work correctly to save my life.  I've googled and googled and googled some more but haven't found a single thing that fixes it.

OH!  Also, when I try to post on Blogger blogs, it will only let me about 1/8 of the time.  What's going on?  I can't comment with OpenID, Anonymous, OR with my Google account.  Weird!  Anyone else having a problem? 

If you run across this post and know how help, I would greatly appreciate it.  :)  See that?  That's me being happy that you helped. 

I've got a lot of pictures, recipes, stories and more to blog but I just can't seem to focus when the blog is such a mess.  Silly, I know. 

In the meantime, I would LOVE to be able to check out YOUR blog.  I'm sure it's beautiful!  Let me know where you are so I can marvel and envy the beauty that is your blog.  I may or may not be able to leave a comment but at least I'll be able to breathe there.  THIS mess (MY blog)  feels clausterphobic to me.  Anyone else have a hard time breathing while looking at an ugly blog?  Seriously, it's scary!

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