Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Hawk!

Anthony and I have been married for almost 11 years now.  When we first got married, Anthony started cutting his own hair.  We were as poor as little church mice so we made do with what we had, and what we had consisted of hair clippers for him and a sister-in-law, grandma or mom for me. 

Anthony got pretty good at cutting his own hair.  He's never had to pay for a haircut during our marriage. 

We knew it would be a long shot for us to get a boy.  First of all, Anthony comes from a family of eight kids, guess how many were boys.  ONE!  That's right, Anthony's got seven sisters.  And he didn't come along until number six!  So, after having three girls in a row, we were convinced we might never have a boy.  Luckily, we were wrong and the next two were boys. 

Actually, I'm pretty sure that C (boy #1) is actually the equivalent of three boys!  He is nuts!! 

Anyway, Anthony's been cutting C's hair his whole life and every summer he gives him a hawk!  I only allow the mohawk to stay for a few days before I make him buzz it off.  Usually this happens on a Saturday night so we go to church with a freshly buzzed head for C.  Well, this year, Anthony convinced me to let C go to church with the hawk just one time.  I figured it wouldn't hurt anyone to let it happen once.  So, this past Sunday he was sporting the do.

It wasn't until we were already at church that Anthony informed me that the nursery leaders had called that very morning {just minutes before we were leaving for church} to inform us that they would be taking pictures outside of the nursery kids.


It's obvious that he knew I would make him buzz C's head had I known....  Grrr! 

What's a mom to do? 

Sure enough, during church I saw little C out with his class having group shots taken.  I wonder what the Nursery leaders thought.  **Sigh**


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