Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Dental Emergency, a Cape, and a Glove

This past Sunday night, my parents came over to play some games.  Hand and Foot!  Ever played?  It’s a card game.  Similar to Canasta.

Well, when we play games at our house, Anthony and I like to do it a little later so the kids can go to bed and we can play in peace.  Not too long after we had sent them to their rooms, H came back into the kitchen complaining of a sore gum and a bump above her silver tooth.  It’s the tooth she had worked on years ago after I noticed a gigantic cavity.  I’m positive it was the result of bathing her teeth in soda every time she got the chance.  She wouldn’t just drink it, she had to swish it in her mouth before swallowing. 

When I took a look at her gum, sure enough, there was a bright red bump.  I knew instantly what was wrong…. the tooth had died!!

A dead tooth means a trip to the dentist to have the culprit removed.  I know from experience.  Twice, in fact.  K has had two teeth die.  TWO!  A dead tooth causes infection which can affect the permanent tooth underneath if not removed.  They first told me that it happens 1 out of 50 times a baby tooth has work done.  It was just bad luck!  The second time, we were told that it happens 20% of the time to baby teeth.  AND we were told that it can NOT happen to adult teeth.  Good to hear!

I called the dentist first thing Monday morning and we had an appointment set for that afternoon.  Upon seeing the x-ray, the dentist confirmed my suspicion.  Oh, and this time I was told that it happens a third of the time… what the heck?  AND, it CAN happen to permanent teeth as well.  I’m beyond confused. 

Luckily, the tooth was already loose.  The dentist was sure the root had dissolved because of the infection. 

Sadly, that was not the case.  The tooth broke right at the gum line and all the roots were still inside.  Poor H had to endure the likes of a small spoon digging up in her gum for the roots which ended up coming out in about a hundred shattered pieces.

 dentist 1

Finally, it was all out!  They put the main part of the tooth in a little box for the tooth fairy to find.  H’s very first visit from the Tooth Fairy!!

Did I mention that the tooth STUNK!!  Holy… somethin’!!  Not even joking, it was foul!  There was definitely infection goin’ on up in there. 

Now I can breathe again…

Thanks for caring. ;)

And now for a look at some future fun we’re going to have with H’s tiny palate.  (Seriously, she’s got the tiniest mouth.  The dentist always comments on it.)

Take a look at those x-rays below… the two bottom ones show the infected tooth.  The black in the root area is BAD!  That’s how they know the tooth has died. 

dentist 2

But now, look at the top x-rays.  Notice how twisted and mangled the gigantic permanent teeth are.  Those are her 2 front teeth (top left) that will be coming in once she loses the baby ones.  I’m 110% sure we’re going to need some intervention in the form of an orthodontist.  Ya think?  Just a wee bit crowded!!

Anyway, H was a true superhero and they gave her a cape to prove it. 


She adores it!  It only comes off at bedtime and when she showers.  Other than that, she wears it everywhere!!


And now, on a completely unrelated note, apparently C found some scissors in the girls’ room.

  glove 1

This should be effective… A was NOT amused.

glove 2


melissa newell said...

so sorry for your daughter's dental issues, we have dealt with them and they are not fun!

Sorry again, have to laugh at your glove picture...heheh

Merry Christmas!

Diane said...

What a Brave little girl!

Kristin said...

Sad for H... :( I'm glad she got a cape though.

Every day is an adventure at your house! It makes for great blogging. :)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

OH, I love reading your stories--the glove is something that would happen at our house. Though your poor daughter--that sounds painful! Sounds like she was so brave! After a botched root canal my husband actually had to had a permanent tooth go bad. He had to have it removed and get a replacement.

And we also have small mouths. My girls are already orthodontist regulars. We were just there yesterday. :) I love the cape!!!

Cari said...

Oh poor thing! That is no fun at all! My son will have to be sedated next month to fill some cavities- apparently he doesn't numb on the bottom :( Love the glove- that's classic!

Brooke said...

I laughed about the glove, too. I had to take the picture in the car because A was so upset that she wouldn't let me take a pic of it. I told her I would just throw it away. Little does she know...

Brooke said...

I didn't numb on the bottom either until I found a dentist that figured out he needed to move the needle either up or down from where most people need it. I don't remember which direction. It's noted on my chart now for future reference. I hope your son does well!