Sunday, December 4, 2011

In Preparation…

So, a while back we started a ‘weekend project’, do you remember? 

Ok, so it took way longer than just the weekend.  We’re busy.  That’s the only excuse I’ve got. 

But, with Christmas coming (and all the whining that had been going on in the kids’ room recently) we decided to just buck up and finish it!  The girls really wanted to be in their new room by Christmas. 

To see how it looked before, be sure and check out the link above.  Pretty scary!

room 2

room 1

Much better, no?  Pretend the beds are made.

The girls LOVE it!  And poor little C thought he was moving downstairs with them.  Instead, he got a new roommate in the form of B.  We finally moved him out of OUR room!  Yes, I know he’s a year and a half and it’s pretty pathetic that he was still in our room with us – NOT in our bed, just in our room.  None of our other kids made it past four months old. 

C was happy with the change… B took a couple of days to get used to it.  He was one mad little man those first couple of nights.

Dad had no problem adjusting to the change.  Mom, however, is taking a bit longer.  I didn’t think I’d miss having him in there with me but surprisingly, I do!  It won’t be long before I’m basking in the freedom… no more tiptoeing around in the dark or whispering to avoid waking him.  That part has been nice.

And now we’re all ready for new Christmas stuff!  Do you make your kids get rid of some old toys to make room for the new? 



Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Very cute! My girl's room is the exact same color, though we didn't paint it. And how nice you don't need to tiptoe. :)

We usually just move our old toys into storage before Christmas, though I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet! When we finally do get rid of all our toys, we'll have a truckload!

Dana said...

I love it. The girls are going to be in heaven. I remember my little girls moving downstairs. They loved it and I did too! However it sometime for them to remember that even though they were downstairs they had to pick up after themselves. This included the bathroom. Good Luck on that. They really look happy!