Tuesday, December 27, 2011


It was fabulous, as always! 

Santa made his second appearance for the year to fill stockings and such.  He also left his autograph in the form of a Thank You not for the cookies and Coca-Cola. 

My parents spoiled the kids Christmas Eve night with dresses and suits (which were worn to church ON Christmas, and yes I forgot to get a picture)…

christmas dresses

Christmas B

… and new pajamas.  It’s tradition.

Christmas pj's

They also got their new Christmas ornaments for this year.  K got a beautiful angel, A got a cute little sassy cat wearing sassy boots (you have no idea how fitting this is), H’s ornament was a pair of ballet slippers, C was presented with a Lightning McQueen ornament, and B got a cute little snowman wearing blue, popping out of a blue ‘jack-in-the-box’ box with a star on the front of the box.

And I’m sure that’s what my mom thought it was.  Just a cute little snowman in a blue box.  (It’s a Dallas Cowboys snowman ornament.)  We got a kick out of that as we put the Christmas stuff away.  **Mom, if you’re reading this, just laugh.  It’s funny!**  And really, it is a very cute ornament. 

Christmas morning went as planned.  Luckily, we were able to get to bed relatively early on Christmas Eve this year which made waking up at 7:30 a breeze! 

And now we’re just waiting… for Thursday.  Waiting, and waiting, and waiting. 

No, there’s nothing special about Thursday, just in case you’re wondering.  It just can’t get here quick enough!! 

Thursday is garbage day!  We’re to the point that we are stock piling bags of garbage because we don’t have the kind of garbage men in the movies where they get out and pick it up if your cans are overflowing and you have to leave some of the sacks to the side.  Oh no!  Ours are the kind that pick up the cans with that funky contraption they’ve got that lifts them up and dumps them.  Anything left to side will still be left to the side once they leave. 

After hosting a couple of family Christmas parties and opening up boxes and unwrapping presents, our 2 garbage cans and our recycling cans are all about the explode! 

But hey, it’s all been worth it. 

For breakfast, we had my family’s traditional meal.  Waffles with vanilla ice cream and strawberries (frozen berries with sugar… heated on the stove and mashed).  I don’t know when this tradition started.  I only know that is what we’ve had for breakfast on Christmas for my whole life.  Whoever thought that one up is pure GENIUS!!  Try it, you’ll agree.

Christmas Breakfast

**Picture courtesy of my sister.  Thanks Kort!**

Doesn’t it look heavenly?  It is! 

You know, I could go without any presents at all…. just give me my waffles and ice cream and it’s Christmas!!  It’s one tradition that I refuse to change, ever! 

So, what was your favorite part of Christmas this year?


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