Friday, December 9, 2011


So much for writing “every day” in December, eh?  I’m trying but I’ve been extremely busy with… boys.  All three of them! 

B has been busy taking lessons in the art of tantrum throwing.  He’s a quick learner.  Of course, it helps that he’s got the gold medalist himself as a mentor.  Oh, not only is C teaching him how to throw himself to the ground in protest any time he doesn’t get his way, he has also taught him how to spit (see here and here)!  B doesn’t quite have it down yet.  He still has to gather it up in his mouth for a few seconds before there’s enough to actually spit out.  Even then, it falls to the floor slowly…. after pooling on his chin first.  It’s pretty much awesome.

C has been busy not only giving lessons in spitting and tantrum throwing but he’s perfecting his aim in the throwing department.  Just yesterday he threw this angel at A.  She now only has one wing…. not A, the angel. ;) 

angel 2

C is also working on his artistic abilities.  I’ll have to take pictures tomorrow.  I might have been too upset about it today.  There are several ‘mysterious’ blue colored pencil marks (some are quite large) in several different areas of the house.  Everything seems to be his canvas; the girls’ freshly painted pink bed, the couch, a large section of wall in his bedroom (the same wall with the nail polish), and the wall next to the heater he likes to sit on when it’s blowing (next to the couch). 

Speaking of said heater… look what I found down in there when C removed the cover today. 

random objects

Too bad we had just thrown the bodies of these dolls away because the heads were nowhere to be found.

Anthony has recently cooked up some shenanigans as well.  My favorite is this… (The one on the bottom looks horrible but I promise I wash it!)


Me (as I’m washing my cookie sheets after they mysteriously showed up in the sink):  Holy cow!  What happened to my pans?  Why are they all scratched up?  That’s weird!

Anthony:  What do you mean?  Is something wrong with them? 

Me:  Yeah, they’re scratched really bad!  One of them is even gouged and has a sharp piece sticking up.

Anthony:  Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize it did that. 

Me:  What do you mean?  Did you do this? 

Anthony:  Yeah.  That’s how I moved my pool table the other night. 

(We rearranged the basement so we could actually use it as a family room.  The pool table [which is a very heavy slate table] usually has to be moved by several men.  Anthony was too impatient to wait!)

Apparently he used the cookie sheets under the back two legs of the pool table so that it would slide easily.  Then he just Supermanned it!  But really, couldn’t he have at least put a towel over the cookie sheet to prevent scratching them so badly? 

Silly him!  Silly all of them. 

My boys… I love ‘em!  How boring life would be without them!

**P.S.  Next week and the following should be full of recipes and gift ideas.  Stay tuned!  The girls and I have lots of plans!**  



Angie H said...

Oh my goodness!! Your cookie sheets!! I could see my husband doing the same thing, I hope he was punished. I would have had a fit. Haha

Emily said...

Oh my goodness!! I dont know how you do it! Maybe thats why I have girls and only 2! I couldn't imagine handing what you have to. I have a very short temper. And I'm a red head, it's bad! But good for you! Your boys are still alive! Not sure if they'd be if they were mine! Hahaha!! ;)

Kristin said...

Thanks for the laugh! Even if you were probably steaming for some of these events... :)

Cari said...

Oh I so feel your pain! Although I haven't had to deal with the spitting part (knock on wood). I hated the color on the wall phase, especially when they are writing their name- they're way too old to be doing it on the wall! That is pretty funny about your pans. Sounds like something my husband would do ;) Oh, and gotta love the barbie heads. We don't have any girls but I'm sure if we did my boys would love torturing their barbies...

momof12 said...

Sounds like you are way busy! Sorry about the pans...

Becky said...

I could absolutely picture my husband doing that. Boys boys boys! They are too fun!