Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dear Santa,

Just wanted to drop you a line.  Or a list, rather. 

I know that all families do things just a little bit different.  Some have you bring EVERYTHING, some ask for very little, some want you to bring only one gift per person so that they can take care of the rest, some may not want you to come at all.  I respect each one of their decisions. 

Last year I heard an idea that I really loved.  A friend of mine mentioned that Santa brings four gifts for each of her children. 

  • something they want
  • something they need
  • something to wear
  • something to read

It’s so simple and I’ve fallen in love with this idea!  I’ve heard the ‘gold, frankincense, and myrrh’ idea as well.  Also a great one but I love love love the want, need, wear, read.  Not too little, not too much!  Not to mention practical…

This year, as well as last, are kind of difficult because you’ve had helpers.  Actually, I like to call them angels!  I thank my Heavenly Father for them every day!

And next year, we totally plan on using this. 

I realize that I shouldn’t be asking for anything at all.  After all, the only thing I really need for Christmas is for my kids to have happy, smiling faces!  But I wanted to give this whole want, need, wear, read thing a shot! 

Don’t worry… I don’t actually plan on you bringing any of it.  Maybe next year ;).  Just humor me for now…  I’ll throw Anthony’s in there, too.  We’re just getting a jump on our lists for the future.  That’s fair, right?


Brooke’s List

  • Want – a nice camera… semi-professional (Canon or Nikon)
  • Need – a new dishwasher… seriously, a major need at this point
  • Wear – a belt… or maybe a new bra
  • Read – Jane Austen books, The Hunger Games series, or any other classic.
  • **Extra** – GAMES!!  I love board games!!

Anthony’s List

  • Want – Running Gear (anything really)
  • Need – He’s totally on board with the dishwasher idea
  • Wear – new garments (exciting, eh?)
  • Read – A Book of Mormon study book (I forget what it’s called)
  • **Extra** – a Transformers Lego set… probably Bumblebee!

And now, Santa, if you could get others to share with me how they do Christmas, that would be great! 




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Anni said...

We do something kinda like that. Santa brought one or two things from our list. On Christmas Eve Santa's Elves give us new pj's, slippers and a book(I used to read it when I couldn't sleep from anticipation!) So there's the something to read, and since this was pretty much the only time we got new pj's that was always a need ;) obviously what we asked Santa for was always a want, and he always brought us a new outfit. For Tony I have a 5 point system: 1.Something spiritual 2.something BYU 3.A picture gift 4.A clothing item(usually jeans) 4.Cheap tool or car detailing thing-a-majiger...and done!! Now if only it would wrap itself! :)