Thursday, December 29, 2011

Messy, Messy, Messy

Kids have a way of making messes out of just about anything.  My children are no exception.  Here are a few of their most recent antics… and by ‘their’, I mean mostly C.  Are you surprised?

Oh how Anthony despises nail polish!

trouble 1

A hot chocolate spill because two kids were fighting over a particular mug.

trouble 2

Playing with the printer.  A… you know better than that!  Little stinkers!

trouble 3

I swear I left the room for 5 seconds!  A girl’s gotta go potty once in a while… sheesh!

trouble 4


And now for a fun C story. 

I was having a conversation with C about his awesome new Mater socks that he got for Christmas.  It went a little something like this:

Me:  C, I like your new Lightning McQueen socks.  Come and show them to me.

C:  (walking towards me)  That’s not Whitening McKeen.  It’s Mater!

Me:  Oh, it’s Mater!  Do you like Mater?

C:  (looking past me toward the couch…)  POOP!  Ew, that’s disgusting!

Me:  (turning around to see what he’s talking about)  **Laughing hysterically!**

poop 1


Hmm, I think he’s got a point.  Until now, I never realized how closely potatoes could resemble poop!

poop 2


Kortney said...

It totally DOES look like poop!! That silly kid, I just love him!

Cari said...

Love the nail polish! My son's obsessed with writing with dry erase markers. He made a note for his brother and wrote his name on the wall with an arrow pointing to the note. Luckily it came off, but last night he wrote on the tile counter some randome letters (a secret code) and it was not dry erase marker. Oops!